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Circuit street racing track

Napisany przez Madara17, 27-06-2018, 11:28

Circuit street racing track

Offline Madara17

Name: Street Racing Track
Type: Circuit
Author: Madara
Location: Los Santos

[img][Image: 2b255dc0c652c616a4e6e46d00a2f900-full.png] фото ру[/img]

Offline Akamataa

Well maybe this is not NFS style, but i really like this type of maps. no lamps, everything depends on driver skill. +++
[Image: kiritoblockingbullets_by_setonami-d7xcxvq.gif]

Offline scaftz

Eh, this is totally don't fit as NFSSA's race map and i doubt if it's gonna be added, but it still something. Let's say, imagine we have 4 or 5 more of tracks like this, is there any possibility to have City URL?

Offline Rarti

not nfs stye but this is very good

Away bamers

I dont like you Madara,
but this creation of yours, damn, it's cool af

@Scaftz: city url, nice idea man
[Image: loadcat.gif]

Away Hexagon

Actually not bad. Looks like "legal" racing style, but what is red/white object — umbrella? if im right, how much them you put there? daaaamn.. can cause lags probably.

And need work with barriers, awful at some places. Here some screens for proof:

[Image: 3a755885726c.png]

[Image: 8f96625bd400.png]

Offline Aroszparo

500 or 1000 objects?

Offline Remolit

Interesting, kind of reminds me of NFSU tracks with the "enclosed street races" theme
But I'm not sure if it needs the NFS arrows, "sub_" barriers would be better in my opinion
And yeah, improve object placement in some areas
[Image: d.png]

Offline Quindo

i like the route, i hate the red/white stuff, it's just gonna lag lower end pcs. Also imo too much barriers, some of those places could be just left open/blocked by arrows.
[Image: Sj14yZE.gif]


Nice map the route is very good but i don't like that the map have too much barriers in for example at 0:26 you can delete that barriers at the right so just we can cut corners

Anyways you have my vote.
 RX7 Powah![Image: jdm4us-phew.gif]

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