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Stunt Event #3 - Summer 2018

Napisany przez Orbacle, 04-07-2018, 21:15

Stunt Event #3 - Summer 2018

Offline Orbacle

Disclaimer: don't blame me if you "wasted" 2 days of your life on this event or wasted money. Play for fun and on your own risk. I don't encourage sleepless nights, rest well and take your time

I am hosting a third edition of stunt list event.
Please read all the rules below carefully.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or by directly messaging me

[Image: 3Jhsqgu.png]

Earn as many points as possible by doing stunts that are in stunt list below

Start time: Saturday, July 07, 13:00 polish time
Deadline: Sunday, July 08, 22:59 polish time

Reward: Top 2 players with best score get either 5 day premium code or instant 7 day premium (choice).

Event host reasons:
1) Popularize stunting in SA 
2) Let players have fun

Each legitimate stunt with properly made screen gives a certain number of points depending on car class that was used to perform the stunt:
  • A class: +20 points
  • B: +24
  • C: +29
  • D: +34
  • E: +39
Each incorrectly made screen (for example without written "name - Summer" or non-stationary car) only gives 1 point no matter the car class.
You don't have to do all the stunts, for example doing 12 stunts with A class with give 24 points but doing 8 stunts with C class and 4 with B will give 8*3+4*2.5=34 points. So you can take time to do those with lower class, but try to submit screens before deadline 08.07 22:59 polish time.
In case of a tie, player who submits their screen collection earlier is higher (step - 1 hour), in case if two players submit screens in same hour, player with less RP is higher.

Rules and Requirements:
  1. Specify your in-game MTA name (if it is different from forum name)
  2. You must take a screenshot of you being in the spot AND
    • Be stationary (0/1 km/h) and on all wheels
    • HUD must be turned on (minimap, speedometer etc)
    • At least one of car lights must be turned on
    • Have your name written in chat in format "name - Summer"
  3. Using duel respawn in order to get into listed spots is prohibited (violators will be disqualified) you can remove cops by duel canceling though
  4. Helping others to do bumping using other cars is prohibited
  5. Using jumping suspension glitch for listed stunts is strictly prohibited and will disqualify you from all next stunt list events by me
  6. Turismo, Euros, all SUV and all Vintage cars are banned, unless you can personally show 3 stunts on these cars OR have video proof
  7. Do not intentionally ram or interfere with other stunters. You will be disqualified as well.
  8. You have to be within one of red areas of each screen from the stunt list.
  9. Example screenshot:
    [Image: Lf7W8p1.png]
  10. Upload all the screens to image hosting software (for example imgur) and include in your post here OR post them here in a spoiler tag. Alternatively, you can record video footage of you performing every stunt.
  11. If you are doing this just for fun and don't want premium, please specify that.

Stunt list:
Will be published on July 07, 13:00

1) LS Docks Warehouse
[Image: YTuN9KQ.png]

2) SF Last part of western Row house
[Image: IJEmIbK.png]

3) LV Royal Casino
[Image: vX9QB5K.png]

4) Desert some boating house small roof
[Image: RoUFr2W.png]

5) LS Richman/Santa maria last house
[Image: jeFxSBv.png]

6) SF Inner space of block in Juniper Hill
[Image: WbVPGTg.png]

7) LV Some house in Redsands West
[Image: toGpHYn.png]

8) Blueberry Alco warehouse
[Image: minXKn7.png]

9) LS Stadium
[Image: p1cCYaH.png]

10) SF Stadium
[Image: Rrc0gQw.png]

11) LV Stadium
[Image: eWpsmSJ.png]

12) LS either Atrium or that beige yellow building
[Image: vaNme5e.png]

13) SF Military top roof
[Image: gK5odWK.png]

14) LV Closed parking lot behind Performance/Blue shop
[Image: cQ0u77h.png]

15) LS Airport Control tower building
[Image: xD6r3tg.png]

16) Kalahari Island small house
[Image: gW9vV0Q.png]

17) Kalahari Island large building
[Image: lkKqWrf.png]

18) LV Roca Escalante roof of some casino
[Image: HJ0LJF4.png]

Good luck, have fun!

Offline susis

oo nice to bad i can't be on those days

Offline scaftz

No restrictions on users who won at previous events?

Offline Orbacle

(05-07-2018, 02:34)scaftz Wrote: No restrictions on users who won at previous events?

Players who won at previous events can participate

Offline Orbacle

Update: I've decided to introduce new system for this event to make it more fair time-wise and also more fair for players who don't have high classes.

Away bamers

wooow great,
good luck with this event Orby, hope everything goes smooth!

just i have an idea,
maybe adding SUV and Vintage classes in scoring would be a good one
[Image: loadcat.gif]

Offline scaftz

SUVs can be problematic to compare against regular classes. They got unique suspension behaviors. And as for Vintages they are basically E class with more accel but less turning (i think).

Away bamers

(05-07-2018, 22:45)scaftz Wrote: SUVs can be problematic to compare against regular classes. They got unique suspension behaviors. And as for Vintages they are basically E class with more accel but less turning (i think).

yup, those are indeed the reasons
much more challenge since the difficulties they will give

so my idea is, for both SUV and Vintage can be given with much higher points
so anyone that may happen to successfully done with any car from those classes, will be rewarded at the right price
that's what I think too btw
[Image: loadcat.gif]

Offline scaftz

Never said it would be harder lol.

Offline alfa

             [Image: HZrdIU.jpg]                                          

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