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Improve EDF/In-game mapping or how to resolve maps problem.

Napisany przez DryMobster70, Yesterday, 08:15
Improve EDF/In-game mapping or how to resolve maps problem.

Offline DryMobster70

This server has only one problem. Very small amount of maps.

I suggest 2 ways how to resolve this problem. (Forever)

1st way is improve edf.
Add functions like:
Create paths - for drag races.
Create a main path - for circuit/sprint/etc
Auto radar creation - by using world coordinates into 2d coordinates (radar) and create a texture. (Send it to the server if you are using 2nd way)

PS: You can add an edf element like "drag path", add an attribute "way number: - 1, 2, 3, 4, ..." and mappers will just put markers everywhere. And add rendering in-game by this points. You can use this and for the main path too.

2nd way is add in-game mapping. Everyone is allowed to make a map and send it to moderators. Moderators will check it. You can also add some rp reward for players.
And add edf functions (see 1st way)

2nd way is more better but it's needs more time to make it. But you will never regret this.

Please leave a comment if you're agree with me.

Online [ROTS]Mad_Mike

Mate, players can already suggest maps to the mods... But maybe a map creator on server, I mean, maybe put some checkpoints by yourself and save it would also be a good idea...
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Offline Małgo

I create maps that are accepted if nobody wants to add them, paradox (new sprint map is coming: D)
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Offline scaftz

Mapping shouldn't be simplified that much, it's supposed to be done with users that is familiar with Editor and the NFSSA so that showrooms won't be flooded with maps made by some randoms and mapped in a very poor quality. Sorry if that sounds rude or demeaning.
Self mapping the path/checkpoints also a rather bad idea since it will bug very much if done incorrectly. Let the map manager or an experienced person do their tasks, they know better how it's supposed to be done.
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Offline DryMobster70

You can add limits for upload (1-2 maps everyday). You can also add "mappers in-game rating". If it's negative - don't approve any maps. Also as i said before moderators will check everything. (They're doing it already)

My main goal is to add more maps. Don't forget. And it's just the ideas, we can discuss it and change it.

Online [ROTS]Mad_Mike

I don't know... I suggest we leave this as it is, since the amount of maps is not a problem right now...
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