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Different way of putting decals on the rear window

Napisany przez [ROTS]Mad_Mike, 20-07-2018, 10:47
Different way of putting decals on the rear window

Offline [ROTS]Mad_Mike

I was thinking: "The rear decals are kind of boring", I realised the fact that there is a possible way of putting them in a different way by watching a video of GTA SA itself.
As you know, the roof scoops add decals on cars in the normal GTA SA ( wheels arch angels cars ), and the Sultan's way of putting the decals on the rear window is perfect for this server.
 How it would work: There would be a new section for the rear decals, where 4 or 5 decals could be added, chosen by the player.

That's pretty much it, up to the devs aka lord bartek of the PL to decide wether he wants to add this or not.

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Offline MatthewChow

I support what this faggot is saying. +1
There are many ways decals can be put on a window, you stick them on top, bottom, center, right or left, and in NFSSA it should be no different.
The bad part is that we'd have to edit every car model to make these changes.
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... Although that sounds kinda lame.

Offline [ROTS]Mad_Mike

Not really, since they are like props, not real vinyls...
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Offline Madman

Even when it would add just some predefined locations, more than just current one at the top - then it would be good
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Offline Maumedis

then the car has big gay\

Offline [ROTS]Mad_Mike

Guess so, if that's what you on about
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Offline Sardyna153

It would be better if you could move these decals or scale them on this window just like in nfs ps
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Offline [ROTS]Mad_Mike

Moving them around would require lots of scripting and stuff since the decal is just a prop, and it's straight, and the rear windows to most cars are curved, some normal presets would be easier to make...
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