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Car Colletion Task(s)

Napisany przez mazdacosmo, 03-08-2018, 22:43
Car Colletion Task(s)

Offline mazdacosmo

I had a idea for a new task, Car Collector or could be just called Collector. It would increase with how many cars you have.

possible levels:

Level 1: Own 5 cars.

Level 2: Own 10 cars.

Level 3: Own 15 cars. (maybe a special reward at this level like a speedometer)

It would go up by 5 but these numbers here might be to high

Also maybe a task for having 1 car of every class to and maybe for having every car in a class or something like that.

I do realize only level 1 is possible without premium but I figured i'd post anyway.

Offline virus.exe

Give me good money after complete this task or someone could get hurt.

Offline scaftz

Owning 5 cars+ as a task would be a paywall where only premium user can accomplish it. Alternatively, you don't have to have the car sitting on the garage. Owned 15 cars, including the sold ones should be made possible to clear the task. I would also want it to be called something else than Collector, since Collector would fit more as a task where you collect specific cars, example would be as you mentioned above, owning different cars at a different classes or bulking a same class cars at once. But again, limit it to 5 cars so non premium users can accomplish it.

Offline Akamataa

"Buy 5 > 15 > 30 cars" [Sold one are counted in]. 15 cars is little to easy XD there are more than 40 cars on server so it's not that hard to buy 30 cars [u can always buy and sell 30 futos/mananas XD]
[Image: kiritoblockingbullets_by_setonami-d7xcxvq.gif]

Offline scaftz

Forgot to mention and also some correction, "Bought" 15 "Different" cars. And yeah 15 is not so many, it can be either 25 or 30. Owning every cars is probably too much, we can't expect everyone got what it takes to unlock special cars like Locust.

Offline Akamataa

well if we are talking about different cars, then i must agree with u Big Grin geting 30 different cars will cost min 290k$ XD so standard player that make all task should do that easly [~500krp].
[Image: kiritoblockingbullets_by_setonami-d7xcxvq.gif]

Offline ZAX25

Maybe not for instead of buying car, but for unlocking max performance (probably 15k RP for car)

So... Unlocking max performance will be included in the task, and will not require you to keep the car in the garage...
[Image: I9q7Wo2.gif]

Offline scaftz

Maxing cars can be done as a different task, but not sure. The game will be flooded with loads of tasks and Taskpoints then. Unless there's gonna be new Taskpoint unlockables released as new tasks going to be added.

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