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Task counters

Napisany przez L1_TRACZ, 03-08-2018, 23:12

Task counters

Offline L1_TRACZ

Simple idea - add to every task description a counter that will show the remaining number of races/wins/pursuit escapes to complete a task.

I know some of this numbers can be find in "statistics" label, but some of this can't be found (e.g. "No speedbreaker usage").

Offline Akamataa

Good idea!!!
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Offline Madman

+1, when I was doing all of these, I was curious every single race or pursuit
But haven't thought about that, it's a good idea
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Offline Mirabi

It's good idea!


Offline BUNNY

dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline HanzoITS

Yeah, surely good!
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Offline Z-Boy

We need this 1+
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Offline Radugamer01

I support this idea 1+

Offline L1_TRACZ

I still think this is a good idea.

Offline The_MAXGR

(03-08-2018, 23:12)L1_TRACZ Wrote: Idea simple: agregue a cada descripción de tarea un contador que muestre el número restante de carreras / victorias / persecuciones de escapes para completar una tarea.

Sé que algunos de estos números se pueden encontrar en la etiqueta de "estadísticas", pero no se puede encontrar parte de esto (p. Ej., "No uso del interruptor de velocidad").

excelente idea porque uno no sabe cuantos lleva denle un oscar al chico

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