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Something small but important

Napisany przez Małgo, 12-08-2018, 01:13

Something small but important

Offline Małgo

I calls for background sounds to be added on drift type maps. These are the sounds of the "city" of nfsu2. in my opinion, they add an incredible atmosphere when you're riding without the music. Wouldn't you like to stand there and watch forever when you look at this picture and hear these sounds? of course i understand that administration can have more important projects, but adding something like that should not affect your schedule too much. If you can add mems to server for a while, what a problem can it be to add something like that? I only mean drift-type maps taking place in/on the cities and maybe outside the race but only inside the city.

[Image: 201808120_qewhnpn.jpg]
[Image: 201808120_qewhnpe.jpg]
[Image: 201808120_qewhnpw.jpg]

**Link to oryginal sounds**

Of course, going further after introducing the new look of the garages (I hope still quietly) you can add the sounds played in the garage.

 [Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline Geimeris123

i'd like that tbh

Offline [ROTS]Mad_Mike

interesting, but might affect performance a little, so it would be good if there would also be an option to disable it
[Image: tenor.gif]

Offline Małgo

(12-08-2018, 01:42)[ROTS]Mad_Mike Wrote: interesting, but might affect performance a little, so it would be good if there would also be an option to disable it

this is just sound, the same as background music Big Grin
 [Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline Rarti

i like this idea, the game already has ambient sounds (like gunshot sounds around ls) those don't fit at all so yeah..
[Image: Rarti.gif]

Offline MatthewChow

I support this idea. It's something that actually never crossed my mind when playing NFSSA, but when playing NFSU2 I used to listen to these sounds and think to myself "Are these just random sounds are are they actual AI cars?".
I actually played NFSU2 with the music off because I listened to my own playlist in Media Player while I was racing. That "Skip Song" key does wonders for me!

Now that I remember, the garage sounds I actually never liked them. I never understood the purpose of all the talking, I mean, who the heck is talking that loud right next door and why is it so silent inside the garage? Where are the workshop noises? I used to work in one and I can assure you they are definitely not that silent. Air compressors are noisy AF and a guy working on a car can be heard from a mile away!
When I think of a tuning garage/workshop, I am expecting some tools to be making noise constantly. I could record the background noise from my work, you'd quickly see what I mean.
[Image: gcujj6m264s79wjzg.jpg]
This is also coming this update, totally! I am not useless yet, I swear!

Offline scaftz

Seems good. Such a minor but meaningful addition. It will make the game's atmosphere better. I am sick of hearing ocean's wave sounds when being on garage.

Offline Sardyna153

I dont think its hard to add, then yes
[Image: list_by_kouno_b-d7hdfxh.jpg]

Offline HanzoITS

Yeah, ambient could be small but cool part of the whole atmosphere!
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline Akamataa

Not bad idea, but with separate volume controll. Cuz probably someone will fuck [as always] default volume, and it will be louder than your engine sound XD
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