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Hello :)

Napisany przez Fajic98, 23-08-2018, 12:22
Hello :)

Offline Fajic98

Hello guys i love drift,and i think i have best server for it I'm Amir Smile

Offline HanzoITS

Welcome to the paradise my friend! Have a nice day and slide as dope as you can.
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Offline BUNNY

Welcome on the server. Drifter huh? Be careful, there is a crew out there that hunts for good drifters, you might get in Wink
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline scaftz

Welcome and have fun sliding. For a starter, i would recommend you to drift using Futo or Cadrona on stock tires. Using least gripping tires may sound like a joke at first but it's actually worked around here.

Offline Barney

Welcome! Glad you chose best type of races Big Grin I hope you will become a good drifter and will be on weekly toplists soon Smile

As was said above - Futo is beast when it comes to drift. If I were you, I would stick to Futo until you unlock B-class cars.

(24-08-2018, 17:28)scaftz Wrote: Using least gripping tires may sound like a joke at first but it's actually worked around here.

Well, it's just a matter of driver's car feeling. I'd rather say it's unnecessary, at least for E,D,B classes which I usually use - stock tires are just fine to score decently.
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Offline scaftz

Yeah. I personally pick stock tires because it's easier to handle since your car won't accelerate much when you tap the gas, preventing spin outs to occur if you don't react fast enough which is what i am lacking. Some people prefer using street tires because it steers more or something, but it don't really fit me. In the end, as you said earlier, drift setups are totally user's preferences. I am just simply telling him what best from my experience, he may like it or not.

Away Pedroxz15

Welcome to the server Wink

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