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Unjust Url ban!!!

Napisany przez ulusoy, 01-09-2018, 14:34
Unjust Url ban!!!

Offline ulusoy

Hi, I am AngeL GhosT

I have been playing nfssa for about 3 years. I have experienced many problems and see the fix by nfssa team.

But some errors in the game are still not corrected.

One of which is crashes in the url game.

Today, in the url lobby, there was an error while waiting for the race to start and mta is shutdown.

I had see that i got ban when i go in again

Is this a fair ban?

I do not think so.

I think the NFSSA algorithm should be more detailed.


An additional issue.

An error has occurred with the most recent map update.

The race starting line also freezes the game.

I believe that the NFSSA team will correct this soon.

Thank you for listening to me.

Good games....
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Offline Rarti

URL got that time out bug fixed, and yea.. this game can crash sometime, if you spend a lot of time in game without reconnecting.
You can call it unfair but in the mean time this prevents people getting around the ban by timing out or force crashing the game.

About the maps, @bartekPL put those retarded maps to the dev server so we can test them, not only the race start fucked up but one of the bullet train checkpoint is way above the ground which makes that place a dead zone, you can't get drift score there
[Image: Rarti.gif]

Offline scaftz

There's also a problem with one of my maps where a shortcut is dissalowed and take you back to latest checkpoint despite being open and intentionally meant to be a minor shortcut. As for the race freeze on newer maps, it could be something with race starting animation went wrong or else, but i can't say for sure, i have no idea how most scripts works.

Offline Mushor

delet urel pelz

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