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Additions for Custom Cameras

Napisany przez scaftz, 03-09-2018, 01:14
Additions for Custom Cameras

Offline scaftz

Not so recently we got new Custom Camera feature, and i have to admit it's really helpful and made my playing experience a lot better, howerver it's still lacks minor things. Here's some idea i would like to have for the Custom cams.

1. 3 Chase cameras
We got only 2 Chase cameras, far and near, while the Original got 3. Would be nice to have more if possible since i got some problem with using various cars. i got my near camera works perfectly nice and fitting to drive with cars like Infernus, Super GT etc, but it's not really usable for other taller cars like Manana, Uranus, Intruder and so on. And using far cameras don't help much either since i got this camera set for driving SUVs.

2. More precise camera settings value
3 chase cams wouldn't work well without this. Latest update gave us possibility to move vinyl more precisely using a manual input and adding commas down to 0.001 digit. Would be neat to have for cameras as well since moving camera tilt/height by 1 move your camera too far away from the desired location.

3. Dynamic FOV
On original cameras we got FOV constantly changing depends on how fast we are moving, although it sucks since they don't grow any further after reaching around 170 kmh because that's how fast GTA SA cars supposed to travel. Varying FOV is nice, they can give you feel of speed so that you don't have to always check your Speedometer upon approaching a turn.

4. Joystick or Mouse movement.
As already discussed a bit on the other thread i don't remember which. They are nice to use on peeking cars or scanning Diamonds when doing Diamond Hunt.

5. Swerve and Swerve limit.
Currently swerve slider changes how fast the camera turns back to straight in static speed. It's nice overally but it can be better. Rather than turning on static speed, it would be nice for the camera to turn progressively faster as the camera is more further away from the straight position. And additionally, a new Swerve limit slider to let you control how significant the progressive camera turning speed is (0 will be static speed like how it was). These will be very useful for very low speed sharp turns and hairpins since the camera tend to not being able to catch up the pace, and setting current swerve to low value is so unpleasing to look at.

Offline MatthewChow

I like these suggestions. +1
Specially, the joystick panning, it's the one feature I can't use the custom cameras for.
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Offline BUNNY

I wasn't feeling like giving an opinion on this subject, because I'm more of old school and need time to adapt to these new features, however I understand that for some players these are of crucial importance, so I do support these suggestions. Maybe the point 3 really would affect me at the moment.
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Offline scaftz

Added number 5. Swerve and Swerve limit.
Custom camera is my most favorite server update and feature ever on this server. It's one big step closer to make the game feel like truly a proper racing game. Hopefully the future object breaking mechanic rework will perfects it.

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