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Nie można się zalogować

Napisany przez Kosasztil, 04-09-2018, 10:20
Nie można się zalogować

Offline Kosasztil

Today when I wanted to log in the Recover Password option appeared. When I try to log in before I see it, I check if my password is set, but I have to click on the recovery password option and try to do something about it after entering the password and email dims the game seems to have appeared, but nothing appeared so I had to turn on the server again, this time I wanted to restore the password, redirected to this page and typed everything, the first time there was a picture error, but the second was all ok. I received an email with the activation code, I clicked on the link that was there but wrote that it was a bad activation code, so I tried again, error with the image but everything later I got the password well, I logged in. Later I wanted to enter this new password but still not works. Is there a problem with the server? I am asking for a quick answer.

Offline bartekPL

There were some problems on server.
Try now.

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