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Your favourite GTA vehicle?

Napisany przez Mefisto Mewmen, 28-07-2015, 14:42

Your favourite GTA vehicle?

Offline Mefisto Mewmen

Hello guys, I don't know if this is good section for this topic, but I don't care lol xD. I want to know which is your vehicle from GTA San Andreas, I think that could help NFS:SA Team to create good stats for it or something. My favourite is cheetah, because I like driving it and Jester for good looking Big Grin. What's your?[Image: latest?cb=20100216071304&path-prefix=pl] [Image: latest?cb=20100222150635&path-prefix=pl]

Offline Rage#

My favourite car is infernus & elegy . I love driving cheetah and jester as well. Smile

Online Spotlight

Cadrona tbh. Spent a lot time driving it on old nffsa and I literally fell in love with it. Pretty fast after upgrades, agile and looks really cool Big Grin

Offline bartekPL

My favorties cars are Cadrona, Jester and Uranus but don't worry, I won't make them the bests Big Grin

Offline Mefisto Mewmen

I believe that Infernus won't be the fastest car at all. Big Grin

Offline Venom

I always liked the Super GT, mostly due to how it looks and drives, althought it seems to be the most hated car amongst the GTA SA community anyway (due to it being hard to drive properly for most people), the past few years I've been forgetting about it. Other than that, I like the Cadrona, which is IMO the most balanced low-end coupe car. My another favorite car is Elegy, due to its drifting abilities and cool look. I also like the Emperor, it was always my choice of car back then in the old version of NFSSA, I especially like how it drives.

EDIT: I almost forgot about the Manana. It's quite a horrible car to most of the players, or at least in terms of how it looks, but I really like how it drives, as it takes corners very well, even thought the suspension is a little too stiff.

Offline Cooper

I really enjoy Turismo, typical high-end motherfucker takin all shitty cars outta my line. Also, Bullet seems be givin all about nice look and acc.

Offline Bananovy

I like Elegy and Turismo, both are looking awesome Big Grin
Euros looks fine aswell, Phoenix should be a really good choice for drag races.
And look at this Buccaneer, holy shit Big Grin
[Image: bvEW2IE.png]
[Image: Dhqbtv0.png]

Offline Puckovsky

Muscle cars Heart

[Image: Phoenix1.jpg]

[Image: Sabre_GTA_San_Andreas_(vue_avant).jpg]


Offline Mistrzuu.

My favorties cars are Perennial.

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