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Content Update - Sultan Tuning - 15/10/2018

Napisany przez Helomyname, 15-10-2018, 00:46

Content Update - Sultan Tuning - 15/10/2018

Offline Helomyname

Content Update - Sultan Tuning - 15/10/2018
Happy October Continued!

Today we bring you another tuning update, this time for Sultan! The parts included exclusively for Sultan are:
  • 3 new Bodykits: Citi Turbo (thanks to MatthewChow), Super Touring, and Varis
  • 11 new Spoilers, including Evolution and WRC
  • 2 new Taillight options
  • 1 new Roof option - Wagon
  • 3 new Front Bumper sets
  • 3 new Rear Bumper sets
  • 3 new Side Skirt sets
  • 3 new Hood options, including Rally Lights
[Image: 7UHuIHo.png] [Image: 8eHZfvs.png] [Image: 3amWUR2.png]

We hope you enjoy this content update, and here's to NFSSA in the future! Smile

Additional Notes:
  • Actually fixed A-Type Spoiler Bug this time
Have fun playing!

Offline YoWorstNightmare

[Image: ImYoNightmare.gif]

Offline Rarti

[Image: Rarti.gif]

Offline MatthewChow

Oh man, dis gonna be gud!
[Image: automodellista_staffroll_fairlady_240z_t...6cl2pm.gif]
The living proof you can drive like a madman within the speed limit.
... Although that sounds kinda lame.

Offline Berkayy.

Oh man what a nice update !

Online Skadryl

Cool ninja update 8)

Offline Sardyna153

there was a car in midnight club which is called citi turbo
[Image: list_by_kouno_b-d7hdfxh.jpg]

Offline Małgo

O_o gut gut gut
admin please add rwb spoiler and body to comet
 [Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline HanzoITS

Wow. Wagon. Amma exorcist.
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline Szymio

Nice !
[Image: mta-screen_2018-10-07_17-36-15.png]

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