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Rain Mode - Suggestion

Napisany przez IndvxTT, 28-10-2018, 07:14

Rain Mode - Suggestion

Offline IndvxTT

I would like to add the way to activate and deactivate the rain, obviously, this would not affect the handling, but it would be purely aesthetic, since the snow mode, depending on the Enb, will change the appearance of the rain and in the races. . This should not affect the handling because it is merely aesthetic, since it depends on whether the idea is accepted, but it is also time that we have at our disposal this option to carry out normal montages or videos with the rain characteristic of nfs. We also clarified that this option could be accompanied by puddles of water, as shown by the enb, but it would be good if the puddles were only a second option, but otherwise, a mode of rain would be quite good

I hope this idea is taken and integrated to provide a more comfortable experience for each player.

(by the way, I saw that post about the passage of time automatically and the truth would be absurd and that some players would live watching the night or the day according to their schedules)

(Google Traductor Intesifies)
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Offline FacFerC

For me is good idea +1

Offline Arash520

Rain Puddles..Luv Em,+

~ Ace Of Spades ~

Offline Turboo2

Lluvia de Merca arrrrr, Alta idea wacho te mereces una bolsa

Offline SilverRacer

It would look pretty with rain +1

Offline TheShizutaro0

For me is good idea +1

Offline scaftz

As long as the rain is purely cosmetic, i am fine with it. I don't think the cars handlings will be balanced with rains.

Offline IndvxTT

(04-11-2018, 07:56)scaftz Wrote: As long as the rain is purely cosmetic, i am fine with it. I don't think the cars handlings will be balanced with rains.

because the idea is that which is merely cosmetic and thanks for supporting the idea
[Image: Qsq51ZB.jpg]

Offline ApexSpirit

actualy it will be only visuals at it good idia 1+

Offline Akamataa

i would like to see rain, but actually with handling changes Smile

Grip is for noobs Big Grin

I know, rain will slow u down, so it will be hard to make top of all time, but u can just try make top times later. Suprise raining in middle of race can be funny ^^ [for eg. 150km bayview URL]
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