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Napisany przez PieLand, 15-12-2018, 07:18


Offline Rarti

It can be blacklisted from quickrace, like escape from san andreas, I like this map and I want it. Drift areas have the same object count aswell, yet they have no problem at all...
Maybe this map has more objects overall but it's not rendered in one time.
Sadly reverse version won't be a thing because of the bridge at the end.

so yeah, send map and don't cry about the objects
[Image: Rarti.gif]

Offline Tekk

"I will force it because I want the map on the server". Now I see why people say that you probably don't deserve the rank you recently got.

Offline syaan

Yes add this please OwO
[Image: ojnLlwO.png]

Offline Rarti

(19-12-2018, 01:52)Tekk Wrote: "I will force it because I want the map on the server". Now I see why people say that you probably don't deserve the rank you recently got.

Where the hell did you get that quote? I like this map, helo likes it aswell, he asked me to accept it even before i wrote my last comment.
[Image: Rarti.gif]

Offline Tekk

Not a word-in-word quote, but the meaning stays still.

Quote:if you have lag on the map, just don't play on it, duh.

Quote:I like this map and I want it.

Multiple people have told you it's gonna lag like hell. Half of the freaking world map is being used as props for this, the second video has some impressive graphics mod used along with the recording. But not too many players can even play on the server without dropping frames. The absolute majority has problems with the lampbreaker when those dips appear out of nowhere.

Remolit said i : "this is more of a show map." and he described it the best with these words.

In no way I'm saying that the map looks bad or the route is shitty. Absolutely not. The problem is that this particular game was made in 2004 and was never supposed to be played on a modern computer. All of the rendering is done on the CPU. I have less trouble running TF2 at max settings which is a game that is widely known for NOT getting any optimization updates for years after getting a fuckton of useless cosmetic items added.

If you need someone else's opinion on this subject, here:
[Image: NWD0R5B.png]

But still, you accepted this one yet declined the Pan-Doherty map 'cause:

Quote:sorry but this map doesn't look alright, those arrows are wierd.

I mean sure, I didn't see any problems from the video at all, but you could at least describe it to the guy. This discussion lasts for a couple of days here and so far all the arguments were ignored.

Offline scaftz

Put buildings and NFSU-like decorations to your future maps bois, it will boost up the chance of it being accepted that way. 100% guarantee no scam.

Since Tekk started it, i am going to spit out my dissapointments as well. While some other interesting stuffs in the past gets declined due to reason "Not NFSSA style" but this one particular map gets accepted. 

Anyone else remembers this? https://www.nfssa.com/thread-9736.html

It's another yet showcase map but no it's not here by any chance because it's custom map. Would this type of map also gets accepted if it also uses default SA road layout though? I don't think so. Because "Not NFSSA style" reason was still a thing back then.

I also dig up some past ancient stuffs from declined archieves and i found this https://www.nfssa.com/thread-9483.html.

Sure it needs some fixes here and there with it's arrows and objects but i think it's fairly "NFSSA style" enough to be added. But no, it's "overcomplicated" despite the fact that we are actually having something even more confusing track than this one in game already.

Then there's also this https://www.nfssa.com/thread-8555-post-2...l#pid26547 

(it seems the video has died but whatever)

[Image: bb33df62b7.png]
but a broken bridge where you have to jump over it to reach the other end is okay

[Image: 5e0aa86400.jpg]

I can't see what's the actual criteria for a map to be viable to be added as an NFSSA map anymore. What is "NFSSA style" exactly?. Currently it's as simple as I like it, i add it and i am quite dissapointed with it. Not for very long in the future the server will be loaded with maps that highly stand out of the crowd than the rest at this rate. So please, Helo, Rarti, Kucky or whoever in charge please be more considerate about it. Yeah sure i agree that it's a really really good map, i personally would like to drive this map as well just like you said, it seems so fun. But NO! i don't want it to be on NFSSA, because of the reason i already said earlier, while performance issue is still my secondary concern but not as a reason why i am against this kind of map.
I lived bitch

Offline Helomyname

Sorry but you do not have a point here.

Forgotten road was declined because it was made entirely out of custom objects, outside of SA map. The Kings And Queens map was posted at a time where i was tired of telling people what to improve in a map, so if it wasnt good enough, i simply declined it.

This map is very well made, has a route that flows, and has 1000% more effort put into it than most maps that get submitted. The map is set in los santos, and it is not forbidden to edit or 'terraform' a map to have a nicer flow. Look at Dock and Roll in SF, or that new LS circuit with the route under the bridge.

This broken bridge at the end is not a problem either, its fine to have a map with no reverse option, like Escspe From San Andreas - and an invisible road can be put underneath just in case youre really worried that you cant make a jump.

So yeah, your comparison here was a map made entirely of custom objects outside of SA map, and a low effort barebones circuit with just arrows. I would much rather see something like this sprint on the server as it is a fantastic tribute to NFS games, and is a rare example of a high speed urban sprint.

Offline scaftz

Sure, i don't mind terraforming the SA map as well because i done it as well in the past, but only for the small portion for the map. Docks and Roll and Breaktrhough is fine because it just does that much, not more. Changing the city as whole is already almost as much as a custom map because you don't feel it's certain place in SA anymore. What i don't really like is that this map is clearly different than the other. There's still i like it, i add it from the way you choose which map to accept.

How about this one PieLand also made https://www.nfssa.com/thread-10939.html ? It's just as beautiful, as effortful and and also as FPS dropping as Decadence if i see it, but why this one is not going to the accept list as well? because simply it's not NFSU-like surroundings? Please no personal visual preference as a factor for a map to get picked or not.
I lived bitch

Offline Remolit

We're straying away from the whole "NFS set in SA world" idea. Slowly, but surely.

I don't like how you point out some things like "the map lags", "ramps/jumps are a no-no", yet you completely roll with something that makes current maps look worse AND breaks these "rules".
As scaftz said, think about the people who are already saying that the server lags immensely, not your own opinion. I like this map myself, but it doesn't change the fact that it has many problems.

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