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Permabanned. Main administration, please.

Napisany przez Fraqqer, 17-12-2018, 19:41
Permabanned. Main administration, please.

Offline Fraqqer

Hello everyone. Right now I'm typing this thread because I want to sort out w/ the situation of banning Kote4CB (me). I typed Bartek in PM and he said, that i need to post a thread here...

So, starting... I was permabanned 2+ months ago by Nhung because of "provoking an admin using nicknames". And this situation is still unresolved...

Firstly, I want to tell to main administration, that Nhung blocked all my channels to speak you with besides the forum. He never spoke in my posts, and never wanted to resolve the problem. Imo, the main thing that he wanted to ban me and leave everything as if nothing had happened. But ok, I have permission to type here.

Secondly, as yokou said, that moderator is doing everything for people, not only for him. But in this situation I spoke negatively only to Nhung and his friend LimeDisX. However, when I was in Culture (leader: Bunny) I was in good terms with everyone, otherwise otherwise, I'd just be thrown out of Culture. And the situation w/ my ban, when ImYoWorstNightmare said, that everyone accepted my ban, but it wasn't true, because Kucky and Krazio didn't know anything about my ban. So, please, can you explain that thing, too?

And last one. In one hand, I know, that i WAS kind of bad person for a lot of people. But that was more than a year or two ago. HZITS is telling to every1 his biased opinion, cause he didn't talk w/ me this year. In other hand, I was very helpful to a lot of new players, that took part in URLs, to Culture Crew members, with some of whom I'm still in a warm relationship and, frankly speaking, wanted to upgrade the server in good hand, making the suggestions about new URL system, etc... 

People who unleash ethnic strife was given 1-year mute, but I, who said a 1 word to moderator got permabanned. Is there justice on this server? I hope there is. 
Good day, guys, and good luck.

Offline HanzoITS

meh. Good luck anyways.
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline KiritoKN

Oh god, you again...
"XD" here is more than enough

Offline susis

jesus just stop when you get banned you get banned for a reason no need for another lefty thread just stop

Offline Fraqqer


Offline Tekk

Quote:So, starting... I was permabanned 2+ months ago by Nhung because of "provoking an admin using nicknames". And this situation is still unresolved...

First of all, you wasn't permbanned just for that, it was just the last drop. This was already discussed multiple times before, yet you're still coming back, asking the same question over and over. You don't seem to realize that you're being toxic to the other people on a daily basis, and you're still fine with your past behavior. And no, I'm not talking about the "1 year ago" behavior you always like to mention, but rather what's happened a couple of months ago. You didn't change, and likely never will, because you're a grown up person by now, who was supposed to have some brains.

I already mentioned it last time, how you created a shitstorm out of literally nowhere and two of my teammates got involved into it, because you were accusing the first one in exploiting and calling the other one offensive names. It was always that "I am better than everyone" crap of yours, that you've used to start all of your shitstorms with. JFC, you even had it in your discord name on the screenshot that you've used as a "proof" in your old thread: https://www.nfssa.com/thread-11043.html

[Image: dXf1CsG.png]

Instead of simply trying to be cool with everyone, you just prefer to break the rules, insult people and then try make it look like if it was a joke, when the mods are about to step in. There are lots of people on the server who never even got muted once. But yeah, apparently everyone here is wrong and you're the most friendly person who got wrongly accused in the things you've never said / done and got muted and later banned for no reason.

There's a lot of stuff mods should keep an eye for. You had your chances.

Offline Nhung

[Image: unknown.png?width=977&height=267]
You have already been given a mute more than 10 times. Same as with as temporary bans. Your legend is over here, closing this thread.
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