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The Ultimate NFS:SA Challenges

Napisany przez yokou, 18-12-2018, 12:04

The Ultimate NFS:SA Challenges

Offline yokou


...to the list of U L T I M A T E   N F S : S A   C H A L L E N G E S
which are incredibly hard to do and every person that will accomplish one of them, 
will be placed in the Hall of Fame for that challenge. 
But the person, who completes EVERY SINGLE ONE challenge, will be considered the  U L T I M A T E    P L A Y E R.
If you complete a challenge, contact me via Discord or in-game with proof prepared!

Good luck!

Ultimate Challenge Number 1.
Unlock A Class having 100% ratio on a new driver/account

Hall of Fame:
whiteseed (february 2018), 600k RP with 100% winrate
Honorable mention: papiez (04.03.2020) 180k RP with 100% winrate, lost a race due to game crash.

Ultimate Challenge Number 2.
Obtain 150,000.00$ having 0 RP all the time.

Hall of Fame:
currently none

Ultimate Challenge Number 3.
Obtain 300,000 RP on a new driver/account using ONLY ONE CAR, which will be the starter one.

Hall of Fame:
papiez (22.03.2020) used only Manana screenshot

Ultimate Challenge Number 4.
Destroy 5000 Police Vehicles in a single pursuit.

Hall of Fame:
currently none

Ultimate Challenge Number 5.
Obtain 4,000,000 drift points in a single slide.

Hall of Fame:
Barney (31.12.2018) https://i.imgur.com/tFzv8l7.png
D.Luis (25.08.2020) screenshot

Ultimate Challenge Number 6.
Unlock Locust 69 having 0 RP.

Hall of Fame:
currently none
Temporarily disabled

Ultimate Challenge Number 7.
Unlock A Class on a new driver/account with 0% race, duel and police pursuit ratio.

Hall of Fame:
currently none

Ultimate Challenge Number 8.
Achieve 1,000 Diamond Hunt streak.

Hall of Fame:
currently none

Ultimate Challenge Number 9.
Finish a 150km LSAP URL, all races first with a stock Buggy.

Hall of Fame:
Skript (22.12.2018) https://i.imgur.com/cHpBHOU.png

Ultimate Challenge Number 10.
Obtain exactly 5,000,000 RP.

Hall of Fame:
OsvaldoX (27.12.2018) screenshot
Nemercs (14.08.2019) screenshot
Veltkhan (19.11.2019) screenshot
Rukito (23.11.2019) screenshot
xens (30.11.2019) screenshot
Honorable mention: Veltkhan (06.07.2020) 10,000,000 RP screenshot

Ultimate Challenge Number 11.
Option 1: Get Top of All Times on every Circuit and Sprint map for selected class.
Option 2: Get Top of All Times on every selected race type map for every class.
p.s. either normal or reverse

Hall of Fame:
ANOD1ZE (21.04.2019) - Option 1 completed, all A class Circuit & Sprint tops achieved
for proof, check A class Circuit & Sprint records on day 21.04.2019
RaiYou (21.06.2019) - Option 2 completed, all Drag toptimes with every class achieved

Ultimate Challenge Number 12.
Be in a single pursuit for 8 hours (480 minutes).

Hall of Fame:
papiez (28.06.2018) 10 hours 18 minutes (618 minutes) screenshot
papiez (29.06.2018) 11 hours 23 minutes (683 minutes) screenshot
STRYK3 (21.03.2020) 12 hours 2 minutes (722 minutes) screenshot

Ultimate Challenge Number 13.
Obtain 100,000 RP in a single pursuit.

Hall of Fame:
STRYK3 (08.03.2020) 123,355 RP screenshot
STRYK3 (21.03.2020) 220,050 RP screenshot
Veltkhan (04.07.2020) 149,944 RP screenshot

Ultimate Challenge Number 14.
Obtain 100,000 RP on a new driver/account without playing races and police pursuits.

Hall of Fame:
currently none

Ultimate Challenge Number 15.
Jump to the very top of the highest tower in Los Santos.

Hall of Fame:
currently none

[Image: QrcLpR1.png]

Offline twiseles

well second one will be fun
[Image: tenor_1.gif]

Offline draven69

Are you pokurwiony?

Offline susis

2.you just need to collect freerun money
6. dont think it is possible since you need 30url wins to unlock it

Offline yokou

(18-12-2018, 12:49)susis Wrote: 2.you just need to collect freerun money
6. dont think it is possible since you need 30url wins to unlock it

6 is possible, there is a method to do that
[Image: QrcLpR1.png]

Offline susis

well not sure how can you win url without gaining rp
waaait can you lose rp?

Offline Rarti

what the fuck that's like god mode
[Image: Rarti.gif]

Away Lefty

1- is possible with friends.
2- will take ages, but it's possible.
3-is pretty easy.
4- seens annyoing but is easy with Locust.
5- seens the easiest to go for(for who likes to drift).
6- have no idea how to do this one.(unless you enter urls expect everyone to disconnect and don't finish any race, then you earn 0 rp from that and earn a win)
7- diamond hunts and magazine runs, will also take ages but yeah.
8- that's 2 years and 8 months, who keeped their streak since the deluxo update are close by now.
9- that's one of the easiest.
10- also pretty easy.
11- rip.
12- kinda impossible with the server resets and daily network trouble, but with luck it's possible.

I suggest one, "having top 1 2 or 3 time/score on every single track on every single class on every type of race."(have your nickname shown everywhere basically)

Offline Aroszparo

To odpal dzis takiego urla buggy

Offline yokou

jest w sobote
[Image: QrcLpR1.png]

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