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Christmas 2018 Event

Napisany przez Orbacle, 19-12-2018, 23:06
Christmas 2018 Event

Offline Orbacle

ADVAN crew with the help of Culture crew is hosting a Christmas livery [paintjob] event.
Rules and time are subject to change before the start.

Upd21-22: Using unique christmas vinyls acquired from 2016 christmas gives -5 score penalty.
Using crew logos for vinyls is not allowed 

Create a Christmas-themed car.

Top 3 players with the most score get a premium account reward (duration to be announced).

Saturday, December 22.

To be announced.

19:00 - start the meet and main showoff
~21:00 - end of ratings

(polish time, exact time might change)

Note that you don't have to arrive at the start [19:00]. You can arrive before the event ends and get rated.

Alternative participation:
If you are not able to attend the live meet, you can send your screens via forum PM [not in this thread] or to my discord Orbacle#4161
Sending screens instead of attending subtracts 3 points from your overall score.

Rules for screens:
- At least two screens
- ENB and other shaders have to be disabled (details allowed)
extra points are deducted if requirements are not met.

Each participant will be given a score by judges (scale of 10 with 1 decimal digit).
The player with the highest score sum wins.

The objective is to create an artistic Christmas-themed car and it is exactly what is rated.
Whole car paintjobs are now rated a bit higher than on Halloween event
(like on the door
Body styling details that compliment the paintjob are an advantage as well.
Artistry, theme relation to Christmas, details, coverage and quality of the car are the main criteria

TBA: weather choice/restriction

Disclaimer: don't blame me if you wasted time and money on this event. Play for fun and on your own risk. This event is meant to get server into Christmas mood by increasing the number of thematic cars.

Offline Helomyname

:< i dont have christmas vinyls from last year

Offline yokou

Christmas remind me of disappointment. If i make a vinyl that disappoints the most, I'll win the event?
[Image: QrcLpR1.png]

Offline ulusoy

I agree. (AngeL_GhosT)
[Image: giphy.gif]


Offline scaftz

Using crew logo to get certain visual element allowed? I assume not but still i am trying to make sure.
I lived bitch

Offline Orbacle

(20-12-2018, 02:29)scaftz Wrote: Using crew logo to get certain visual element allowed? I assume not but still i am trying to make sure.

Yeah, not allowed, updated the post.

Offline Orbacle

[Image: hOPvKll.png]
Thanks everyone for participating, judges for helping and ivan for pictures.
Winners please contact me about rewards.
Stay tuned for the next event soon.

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