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Quick Question to you, players

Napisany przez VertiriGamer, 27-12-2018, 22:18
Quick Question to you, players

Offline VertiriGamer


How many cars did you buy with free premium? Me 15 :v
[Image: Gr96.gif]

Offline MatthewChow

[Image: nd5psw834bv4nb6zg.jpg]
I'm messing with Uranus in pleasurous ways right now.

Offline ilicivan905

I got only 2, could buy more but i spent all of my money on maxing other cars.

Offline scaftz

I only bought 2 cars. because i have spent most of my cash on muscle update already. Bought about 50~ cars that time.

Offline Dr.Wpierdol

I was grinding in Asphalt 8 to get Lamborghini Veneno, so zero, im just joining the server if im really bored
[Image: giphy.gif]

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