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Story mode (Concepts included)

Napisany przez MelonTasty, 15-01-2019, 17:10
Story mode (Concepts included)

Offline MelonTasty

Hello again.
So, as the name of this thread suggests, my suggestion is to add The Story Mode .

As i imagine, it can be done in Underground style. And by that i mean comix.
I have already made a few scetches, they're shown in the concept video.
Comix must be colorful, pretty realistic, fascinating. So the images will stay in mind of players and they'll want to continue playing just to see a new page of story.
Story itself doesn't need to be deep or complicated. Main part about it is that it must have a silent main character, hero cars, memorable companions and antagonist. And a first-person perspective. I already have some kind of scenario, so if development team will want to implement this feature - i can help. It is based on the world of Underground games.

Storyline suggests special events, missions etc. But the main thing that needs to be done are singleplayer races.
If story mode events are going to be pvp, the walkthrough will take too much time, which in turn will destroy the main point of the campaign - maintaining a permanent player base.

Also, storyline events can be done with cooperative and clanwar modes using crew system.

If storymode will cover every aspect of the server, then it also can replace those frustrating tutorial screens that i see every time i reinstall MTA. 
And the main thing - progress must be saved on server.

Concept vid:

"get to the docks" is an example of storymode mission or event, basically being time escape gamemode.
[Image: pLnKk3j.png]

Offline SandKing

Uhh, Nice work dude, but I don't agree with this content. If it will ne added, everyone will play story mod. So, online content will be gone empty it was not fun in online, and premium selling will be crash

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Offline MatthewChow

This guy just made an animatic! That's kind of impressive for me, lol.
Well... Although I'd love to make the comic animations for this game (and I actually know how to, well too), good luck for any of the scripters to code that in.
Also, making an offline mode is just out of the question, unless we were making a separate offline fan game.
That said, I wouldn't mind adding some light story elements to the online experience, even because it helps new players a lot getting through the harder first stages of the game.
I already talked about that subject in my latest thread, but it's not something I can start working on alone even if I wanted to.
[Image: msuxdb8ow132lmuzg.jpg]
It's coming this update, honest!

Offline MelonTasty

(16-01-2019, 01:35)MatthewChow Wrote: ...unless we were making a separate offline fan game.

Ooooh boi, why not? Devteam has grown since the last time i've been here.
(16-01-2019, 01:35)MatthewChow Wrote: but it's not something I can start working on alone even if I wanted to.

You know, i can help.
[Image: pLnKk3j.png]

Offline MatthewChow

You have no idea what you're getting yourself into.
If this dev team as it is now was capable of making a game from scratch we'd already have become Indie developers a long time ago or at least NFSSA would be very different than what it is now.
If we could make our own game we could actually get real money from, it wouldn't make sense to even keep this server on when most of the team doesn't have anything real to gain from it.
And because we don't earn anything and definitely can't make a living out of it, our dev work is nowhere near our top priority, and I speak for myself specially, this is just something I do atm purely as a hobby. From what I seen so far, no one is in the mindset to get this project anywhere much beyond this.
Something could change, sure, but I don't expect it. I'd love to have a project I could make a living of, I don't wanna keep being a painter for much longer, it's really bad for my health and I'm too young to be dealing with the kind of crap I deal with on a daily basis.
Going back to the original topic, sure, we two could make up a storyboard and draw these panels... But that's just a small part of the process. It's something that has to be very well discussed with the whole team prior to starting anything and someone has then to code everything in. It's not me and you who's gonna do that, so, mandatory, such a decision and project layout has to come from Bartek first. The only thing we can do right now is pressure him to make that decision.
This is something much more complex than the sporadic random car parts me or Helo make and that Bartek adds just because why the heck not.
[Image: msuxdb8ow132lmuzg.jpg]
It's coming this update, honest!

Away Lefty

A decent story mode or "carreer" in mta is kinda impossible, the idea of the server is to implement the NFS Underground/Underground II/Most Wanted idea on GTA World, with an idea of NFS World Online gameplay, so a story isn't fitable here atm, only in a separate project else where as matthew said. A single player mode it would be very appreciated tho, nfs world had this option of racing with bots when there aren't any races going on, this would make the server less boring on the times where there are very few players and no one is creating races, because players would have something to do atleast appart from only cruising or doing pursuits, plus it would be very welcome for practice and very welcome for begginers and newbies if they want to get their driving going on first before actually racing with other people.

Offline susis

Story mode wouldnt do much to the server and like mat said the dev team isnt gaining much from the server

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