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I cant see the colour of my car

Napisany przez Geroko, 05-02-2019, 20:47
I cant see the colour of my car

Offline Geroko

Hello guys my name is George and i have little trouble with the game help me please how can i fix this i tried to restart mta/reinstall/I also did do some things in the settings of game and server nothing helped

Online Orbacle

Do you mean your car is white? Are other cars have "no colour" as well?

Offline Geroko

Yes all the cars around me are just white but the thing is i can see which colour are wheels and neon

Offline scaftz

Probably because of corrupted server files. Try completely uninstall MTA and it's server files then reinstall MTA and redownload the server files again. Had this bug several times, all of them resolved after re-installing or overwriting the server files with previously backed up server files.
Also another thing though it's very much unlikely you touched it or anything, make sure MTA debug setting is set on default.

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