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New Sounds

Napisany przez Anto200, 25-02-2019, 23:30

New Sounds

Offline Anto200

Eyo people!, one day i was thinking in what i can help in server, later a member of my crew said "euros need a new sound", hell yeah i found in what i can help, months later im here writting my post with every sound i do for us :3

here it is my sounds with a special thing for turbo:

ZR-130: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SOU4T4B...JLTd8/view 

Futo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18OXLcen...OI36Q/view

Elegy + JDM turbo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HLlFQRY...vNfr8/view

Euros: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kckdqy2...epxKj/view

for turbo i have an idea:make a thing where you can buy a turbo sounds, because i have supercharger sounds for muscles and another jdm turboflutter (cuz rb26dett flutter in a atype is weird)
lot of thanks to skript by do this videos <3

im working in new backfires too and another sounds for more cars
like:bullet,mamba,kuruma, and i forgot the rest lmao

give a +1 to make my sounds originals in server :3

Offline LeonSkript

very nice
[Image: puvIAqJ.jpg]

Offline Sardyna153

Takigosciu made something similar to this
[Image: list_by_kouno_b-d7hdfxh.jpg]

Offline IndvxTT

I like it but the zr but the sound of acceleration sounds a bit dry and artificial but the sound when standing still sounds aggressive and beautiful, and I loved the other sounds that goes on like this

[Image: Qsq51ZB.jpg]

Offline FacFerC

These new sound are amazing!

Offline fabibastien

Some sounds are pretty nice overall meanwhile others not that much. I would like to see the Elegy one especially. Great Job mate, you deserve some respect and acknowledge.
Always aspiring for the best of myself! ^-^

Offline takigosciu

I think only Elegy really sounds nice here, unless you want to add the rest to reference the 90's NFS Games.

As Sardyna said, i did once a thing like this. (https://www.nfssa.com/thread-11087.html) On the other hand i'm really unsure if any of the devs even consider usage of them.

My pack has consisted of tons of sounds, from which minimum 75% would be easily able to be added without huge edits, and even with that we'll possibly never hear them, as some of devteam seems to have problem with player-submitted content - even if it's clearly better than what we got currently

More posts like this can only give us the hope, that anyone will try to listen to what we are asking for.
[Image: 20181107_234030.gif]
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Offline Anto200

(26-02-2019, 22:35)takigosciu Wrote: yeah you are right, but i did the files, and are tested on server, what i mean, if bartek say yes are just send files to add it before an update

Offline Geimeris123

I'd like some new sounds

Offline ExilethePsycho

The only sound that i think was decent was the elegy and the turbo flutter, the rest sounds like they were made in 1999, or sound like toys.
[Image: nzhhG5U.jpg]

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