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Bring Back The Washingotton

Napisany przez IndvxTT, 02-03-2019, 02:19

Bring Back The Washingotton

Offline IndvxTT

[Image: sjEmS4i.png]
Quick Sumary : The Washington was a car that could be obtained during the halloween of 2017, this car can only be obtained by means of a code and only appeared during this event after this, the Washington was not shown again on the server, Due to its striking shape, this can be entered into the server in a future update as a special car as was the Locust 69. Although today I do not know if the model of this car is still in the server files because it was a car for a limited time





As I said, this car could be reintroduced to the server and could have a way to get it like Locust 69 or the traditional method in parts, although class A already has 2 special cars.

Already arriving at the end of this post it is worth mentioning that this car reaches a speed of 478 km / h and its handling is not so bad,And he emphasizes that this is just an idea for a future update.
[Image: Qsq51ZB.jpg]

Offline Anto200

We need more a class cars so +1 from me

Offline Rukito

Ye sure, add a car that reaches 478 km/h

Offline IndvxTT

(02-03-2019, 02:40)Rukito Wrote: Ye sure, add a car that reaches 478 km/h

I think you misunderstood that the car at the time reached the speed of 478 km / h does not mean that if it is entered into the server it will still have the same exaggerated maximum speed.
[Image: Qsq51ZB.jpg]

Offline bk_player

hehe, i remember that secret code :v

Offline Jamesrobinson

well if it gonna be added it should be a bit shorter on rear and smaller exhaust ofc (maybe only 1 exhaust pipe with 2 stock muffler),also don't kill me but the long rear makes it a bit ugly for me
[Image: jerry.jpg]

Away Lefty

It actually remembers the Old kind of secret cars NFS games Had in the past, as the FZR 2000 in NFS II or the El Niño in NFS III or the Phantom and the Titan in NFS high Stakes, it could be fun for Washingotton to be a kind of obtenable secret car in NFS SA.

[Image: latest?cb=20120613114110&path-prefix=en]
[Image: latest?cb=20120213124534&path-prefix=en]
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Offline susis

ugly cars

Offline MatthewChow

Hi, furry lover.
To be honest, that car looks a bit silly. I never seen it till now and I'm suspicious it isn't in the server files anymore. By the style of it, I assume that car was modeled by Venom? I guess I can ask him.
[Image: msuxdb8ow132lmuzg.jpg]
It's coming this update, honest!

Away Lefty

(02-03-2019, 11:01)susis Wrote: ugly cars

It's not about beaulty, it's about being op in some way, and ofc unrealistic.

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