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Drift sessions 3.0; Spring Edition [Premium event]

Napisany przez Bunny, 12-03-2019, 00:31

Drift sessions 3.0; Spring Edition [Premium event]

Offline Bunny

                                                       [Image: k5YzyqW.png]

Culture, Advan and Toishizoku crews are welcoming you to the Spring opening of the drift sessions.
Please read all the rules below carefully.
All rules and times are subject to change before the event starts.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask by directly messaging Scoob, Orbacle, Tekk or me.
Every competitor has to register for the event by replying to this thread and writing their in-game name.
Please register only if you are sure that you can come.
If you want to participate just for fun and not for premium reward, we will be able to take your time during training session and you don't have to register here.
Registration deadline: Thursday 14 March23:55 polish time (GMT+1).

Perform fast with style and good apex throughout the 3 stages of the event.

1st place gets 14 days premium code
2nd place gets 10 days premium code
3rd place gets 7 days premium code

Player with the best drift livery gets a 3 day premium code. 
If that person also won a place on actual races, then livery premium is given to the next highest-rated player who has not got into top 3 of races.

Date: Friday, 15 March 20:00 polish time (GMT+1)


(Thursday 15:00 tracks are disclosed)

19:45 - meet up at Big Ear (LV countryside)
20:00 - 20:30* - car livery contest
20:30* - regroup at the starting point of the first stage

* - possible delays of 5 to 15 minutes
Approximate length of the event is 3-4 hours (all 3 stages), so evaluate whether you will be able to stay that long.

Limitations and requirements:
  • A, SUV, Vintage classes are banned
  • FWD and AWD are banned
  • Have a drift livery on the car
  • All stages must be completed using the same car
  1. Keep it civil, do not ram
  2. Broken prop  will result in -0,25 points
  3. Driving outside track: -0,5 points
  4. Respawning not allowed
  5. Extra rules TBA
Stages list:

Stage 1:
[Image: Qz9c4iY.png]

Stage 2:
[Image: iNv3dvn.png]

Stage 3:
[Image: VVRlObl.png]

Good luck and have fun!

Disclaimer: Organizational staff is not to be blamed if participant wastes money and time for this event.

P.S. Shoutout to Orbacle and Neonke for the awesome banner.
P.S.S. Also gratitude to the developer team for providing us the rewards for this event.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline Mitch_Cruell

Regtive in

Offline thatrotarykajapan

Kajapan v dele

Offline MatthewChow

Yes, I will be in this one! o ,0
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I invite you to eat a sock.


Offline FacFerC


Offline ZAX25

If I have time... I will show up... Big Grin

[Image: I9q7Wo2.gif]

Offline scaftz

Might attend if possible. Scaftz.

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Offline Szotyee

Iketani is in, sign me up Smile

Offline Z-Boy

Gonna try to come on the event. zbot
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