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"I can't login, help"

Napisany przez LeonSkript, 05-03-2019, 18:44
"I can't login, help"

Offline LeonSkript

I've seen some people in the server that are unable to login in here or registering, so I'll try to help a bit

For Registering Problems
"I didn't get an e-mail": I made an alt account here to test the registering system and got my e-mail instantly, BUT it was sent to the "Spam Box", check yours, it might be there, same thing for the "Forgot Password" system, the e-mail might go there.

"My generated password isn't working": When you register you get an e-mail with a giant random password, and using it usually doesn't work. Mostly the problem is because ctrl+c and ctrl+v doesn't work in here, some websites have that protection and i think this is one, so try to manually write that password OR you can do the whole "Forgot password" thing and get a smaller password, that will be easier to write manually.

"I can't login in here, I have an account": This is one I've seen a lot, the main problem is that you probably DON'T have an account here and are trying to login with your in-game info, those won't work, the account in this website is different, you have to make one here THEN synchronize your in-game account with the forum account.

I will update this if I see more problems with logins and registration, but even still the website is a bit broken with those so these might not work for you.

Offline scaftz

Copy and pasting password worked for me, but occasionally not. I am so sure i copied properly and not included a space or full stop. If i cannot use the password, i keep resetting until the new password works. That helped for me when i was creating a secondary account.

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