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A Chance Of Leaving NFS:SA. :(

Napisany przez HorizonLive, 09-04-2019, 17:54
A Chance Of Leaving NFS:SA. :(

Offline HorizonLive

-Ey Boiisss As The Final Exams Are Approaching .... I Will Maybe Be Off For The Next 2 Months O3O

-If U See Me In The Game , Dont Ask.... Cause Maybe That Time I'm Just Bored. Tongue

-Also When I Will Hit 500K RP I Will Giveaway My NFSSA Account!

P.S : Current RP 170K

        Goal RP 500K
        Fixed Time For Hiting = 3 Years.

mai inglis iz tu guda.

Offline qrur

ok cool

Offline LeonSkript

Who the fuck are you?

Offline susis


Offline HanzoITS

Don't you guys be so rude. That is internet, someone is bitard, someone is emotional, others are open to everybody, remaining persons are no lifers and so on. Consider others as people, just who you naturally are.
This guy reports about the period of time when he's going to be inactive, which may seem like "oh, time to write that no one cares", but a certain section of the forum allows to post this kind of threads, thus someone may care about him. Think about it before trying to split a community into well-known and unknown players. But, yeah, imo.
Anyway, pal, the title of your thread is pretty threatening. Work on it. Good luck on the exams!
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline BUNNY

Exactly what HZITS said, fully agreed.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

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