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Hot Pursuit Mode

Napisany przez Snake[PL], 12-04-2019, 23:50
Hot Pursuit Mode

Offline Snake[PL]

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Welcome on the other side of the barricade!

Are you a good driver? Do you have experience in running fast cars? Are not you afraid of challenges?
It's work for you!
Do you want to join our ranks ?!
Nothing easier.

And seriously Wink
I have been thinking about this proposal for a long time.
It's a bit of boring time on the server. There was nothing interesting introduced.
It's time to change.
Here is my suggestion.
It provides an accessible part, which is the last part of NFS in which you could play the Policeman.
I'm talking about Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.
Due to the fact that police have been added some time ago, what are the roles that they can not reverse?

As if it could look like.
In the Original Game (NFSHP / High Stakes), we played the Policeman who would circulate on the relevant map at the time when they violated traffic regulations.
There were probably 8 to stop on one map.
Due to the fact that bots do not go here and can be a problem with them, you need to convert a bit.

As if it could look like.
Circuit race, 4 players are escaping, 1 or 2 are chasing them.
In this case, a system will be created that will not be moved by the car.
Each race in the Hot Pursuit mode would bring RP and $, but the RP went through our second account as a policeman.
For RP data we could unlock new cars and Tuning them and here my little suggestion, by preparing ready tuning options, eg 3 versions for each police car.
He looked after himself with painting. Prepared versions of painting.

In the further development phase of the mode, it can be performed with support, road blocks, etc.

It's so preliminary.
What do you think about it?

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choose side and cl!ck

Offline Bunny

I think it's a good idea. Imo hard to interpret it, but doable. The developer team has to check this and clarify if it's possible to do it, if yes, will they? And so on. I enjoyed all the HP games and would love to play them on the server. I cannot confirm in terms of fitting if it does match the server goals, but just imo would be awesome to have this.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline evolution7778

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKnn99UN0ZM mrl blocking from 2011

Offline Wanted1341

I hope we see NFS HP mode in this server, can't stop imagining how will it be, it would be full server all the time

Offline Kriyppler

I like the idea, adds new content and challenges. Could add in some of the 4-door sedans like the premier, emperor, maybe a stratum with a sedan version mod option? Could add a point-to-point style race where the escapist(s) have to flee along a set path and get to the finish, or just lose the pursuers and hide. The hardest part is how do you bust players? How do you hide from players? How do/Can you ram/stop/bust players with 200 ping? Car damage? How would you make it fair? Maybe make it a good rp/money gainer for new players and let them borrow pre-made police cars so they can drive 300+ score cars and look forward to buying and making their own.

To include AI or not? Maybe a choice? Add abilities/commands for players to get the AI to setup roadblocks or ram/surround. Is it viable to sync AI amongst multiple players?
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