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Server Update - 13/04/19

Napisany przez Helomyname, 13-04-2019, 18:56

Server Update - 13/04/19

Offline Rarti

Give my fucking toaster back
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 [---------------------------------------------] I will never find true love! ;( [--------------------------------------------------]

Offline MatthewChow

A bit of a heads up by me...
Cadrona, Fortune and SuperGT have had their UV mapping (what enables you to place vinyls) redone.
You'll now be able to place vinyls on the wind mirrors, windshield banner and spoilers. Your current painjobs for these cars might need adjustments once this update goes live result from this change. Vinyls placed over the hood should be the only ones affected.

In Fortune and SGT's case, you'll be able to place vinyls (always choose the side option, the one with the mirroring on):
- On the wing mirrors by moving your vinyl to directly on top of the side windows;
- On the windshield banner by moving your vinyl to under the front wheels;
- On the spoiler by moving your vinyl to under the rear wheels. If your spoiler has a side, you'll be able to paint that too moving your vinyls a little more to the center, under the door, between the places for the top of spoilers and the banner.

Cadrona is a different case, which was the first car I corrected and is using a different system for the spoilers.
The vinyls spot for the top of the spoiler is located directly on top of the windshield, the side of the spoiler at the side windows, next to mirrors, and the underside of the spoiler under the rear bumper.
This may sound confusing at first (and it is), but the advantage of this system is that it allows you to place a certain kind of vinyls that go along the length of your car (racing stripes, for example) while covering everything in a single layer, which is not possible with the system used for Fortune and SGT, where you'd have to repeat layers for those alone and there's no mirroring system for them, basically resulting in double the layers for that specific case, however, for nearly every other case other than this one, it's not a better system. I'd say both systems are flawed, but that's what we can get for now.

I hope you enjoy this update, and also enjoy knowing Uranus' update is coming next!
Have fun, you all!
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I told you it was coming!

Offline Rafaea512

Im going to play this server again only for this update Big Grin
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Away Lefty

Ay finally, can't wait to be able to play again xD

Offline matiKO

Finally xD
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Great,Great,Big Great guys!

Offline Małgo

Super GT = Toyota mr2 <3
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Offline Kush071.

Me logs in server the excat moment it closes..

Sees Update Message *chcks forum*

Pursuits, Milestones, Beamer, SGT, Fortune, New Interface, more clear weather, only money and BPs for one car..

Screw Locust.. I can finally have a MR2 SGT <3


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Just  Heart
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

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