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Shopping Cart (Tuning preview) (Rewritten)

Napisany przez Nicos21, 06-05-2019, 15:30

Shopping Cart (Tuning preview) (Rewritten)

Offline WelfzTwingoFurs

Once you start getting to classes like C, you notice something like this is a necessity. Thank you for suggesting! This kind of stuff is a necessity in games with this much customization

Offline HorizonLive

Ok now this is a really nice idea , buy i would like an option to sell your buyed parts aswell.

 [---------------------------------------------] I will never find true love! ;( [--------------------------------------------------]

Offline KitsuneAmy

The game needs all the improvement it can get, and this would be a big one. +1

Offline Nicos21

I rewrote the thread from a scratch. If somebody already read it, I will be glad if you will read it again. This is a comment to make this thread be first in "latest" list, don't ban for it Smile

Offline ApexSpirit

nice idea

Offline Mark Temov

nice, looking forward for update

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