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Infinite Police Chase

Napisany przez VladImperator, 01-06-2019, 14:05
Infinite Police Chase

Offline VladImperator

Solution: I just reinstalled MTA and restarted my computer

When i escape from police chase I am still in a pursuit but without police cars. I must reconnect to leave from a chase

Please help <3

Edit: I noticed that when I start pursuit i'm still in freerun

Offline FiDeLuS

Can you send some ss?

Offline VladImperator

(01-06-2019, 19:31)FiDeLuS Wrote: Can you send some ss?

before pursuit
[Image: CE0aVpa.png]
during pursuit
[Image: EjtnUnp.png]
after pursuit
[Image: 7zxidU7.png]

Offline alfa

wat the fac

Offline The_MAXGR

podrías mostrarme el carro que sale en la foto es que se parece a un carro de hot wheels

Offline Bunny

At least try using google translate Big Grin
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

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