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reporting doodlebob/doodleboi (kinda late ;c)

Napisany przez OneFanOfWorld, 06-07-2019, 16:29
reporting doodlebob/doodleboi (kinda late ;c)

Away OneFanOfWorld

In june, kinda around the 16th, doodleboi (had a mute, I think) and he kept spamming me with duel invites, and even changed his MTA name to something offensive to me.
I actually kept saying in the chat that he keeps doing that, but nobody seemed to care too much.
Back then I had the name of „Diana”, and my driver was the same, Teo Olaru.
You can check doodleboi's driver name, as it's the same as the one (duh man) in the photos from below.
Photos:[Image: unknown.png][Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

Away Mushor

oh no

Offline susis

lol cyberBULLY alert oh no call your moms

Offline scaftz

Have to agree this guy is quite an asshole though. He has been like that since long (previously doodlebob). Why do you guys have to get butthurt to this report because this partucular user was not pleased with his/her game experience due to other's missbehavior?

Offline yauza

yes its me ok

owosu is an minced meat lmao

Offline yauza


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