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Circuit Downtown Route

Napisany przez genslar, 14-07-2019, 23:53
Circuit Downtown Route

Offline genslar

Map Name: Downtown Route
Type: Circuit
Author: Gen
Location: Los Santos


Offline scaftz

0:08 Glen park looks quite messy, be consistent with the objects or put invisible walls instead. Only arrows for the first intersection and inner part of the track afterwards should be enough.
0:18 Add arrows. Having this corner's arrows connected with more arrows on 0:15 would be nice so we know how much we can cut here.
0:25 For the sake of potatoes out there please remove the train.
0:31 put better/more fitting looking barrier or put arrows instead.
0:41 The arrows ate up the outer sidewalks. Stretch them more.
0:45 Arrows pls.
0:55, 1:05 Yet more improper arrows placement that eats up track width.

Route is nice, name is generic. Few arrows placements should have some rework. Seems like decent map overall, would love to see some improvements.

Offline genslar

I changed many things also removing the train. 

Here are some screenshot's:

[Image: 5764d7ed11ade.png]
[Image: 372d64849084d.png]
[Image: ce0cde062655d.png]
[Image: 11283c4afd856.png]
[Image: caa30f4dc32ab.png]
[Image: 2c3c51f7979bf.png]
[Image: 9b0ee6c254604.png]

I hope it's looking good now Smile

Offline scaftz

Looking good.

Hold on, can you somehow make that arrows on last screenshot fully covers the opening? This looks quite unsetting.

Offline genslar


That's how it looks like now:

[Image: 37673520e3337.png]

Offline kayra999

Well the upgraded version looks a lot better than the old one GJ Keep this up

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