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All cars are white color

Napisany przez KsaR, 15-07-2019, 09:23
All cars are white color

Offline KsaR

I've has problem, all cars are white color and w/o vinyls.

Yesterday everything works fine,
Till I quitted game and login again few hours later.
Then I see everyone like this, all the time:
[Image: 8bfcKhH.jpg]
Suggestions? I have alredy tried Cmds. "/clearvincache + /reconnect" or similar as suggested in game-chat.

Offline scaftz

Happened several times for me. Most likely data corruption just occurred. Try re-downloading server assets, always fixes it for me. To do so, delete your server files on [Your MTA folder]/mods/deathmatch/resource or go ahead and reinstall your MTA as a whole if you wish.

Offline KsaR

After remove /resource folder and re-downloaded sources still bug occurs, and also console show errors:

[Image: y9iqVg4.png]

Offline scaftz

This never happened on my case. Seems like your internet provider likes to mess things up (like mine but it's different story). I got few options you can try.
1. Re-download on an alternative internet connection or VPN.
2. Have a copy of missing/damaged files from other's PC.

Offline RaiUwU

Just delete server assets from mta folder and re-download it, it should fix it.

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