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New Type Of Drift Races

Napisany przez broski0909, 22-07-2019, 16:35
New Type Of Drift Races

Offline broski0909

As all you know, Drifts are about the highest amount of points through the whole race, you can do it with multiple 'combos' at any way you want.
What if there was a type of Drift that requires from players not the biggest amount of points, but the best single drift. Just one little option in the 'Name, Laps, Score" menu where you could choose what will be counted in a Race - Overall Score or Best Drift.
This would be a new way to compete on the Drift Tracks since you would need to make your drift as long as you're able to to win, along with a new functionality of "BEST" score during a Race instead of indicating the best drift in it or a new All Time/Weekly Top Score.

[Image: EHwGMRX.png]

Offline scaftz

Whether i am aiming for either high combo or high score, i always do/try to drift in one combo. This doesn't seem like bringing any gameplay differences for me personally.

Offline broski0909

Like most of the players xd
But let's take an example where Player 1 in one combo did around 1kk, during his 2nd combo when he's around 500k he crashes and loses gathered points right at the end of the race, while Player 2 with smaller combos (approx/ 300-500k) ended up with 1,4kk score.
In a normal casual drift that we have now its rather obvious that Player 2 is the winner,
but if there was that 'best combo' type of drift, Player 1 would take a 1st place.

Away qrur

cool idea and would probably be fun to compete with that kind of scoring system

Offline scaftz

So let's say currently drifters are being divided into 2, safe drifters and risky drifters. Currently, playing either way have it's own advantage and disadvantage. You don't lose much score if you screw up but by doing so you will lose few moments to earn precious score when you are banking your score making your score output lower if you play safe. While the risky drifters tend to give it all out in a long single combo not letting any single straights not scoreable. This best combo mode you suggesting seems like unfair since it's only benefitting those who usually drifts in a long combo unless they happen to screw up, which is quite unlikely since typically these people could tell if they should save the score near the brink of fuck ups.

Offline Nabatse

why these useless suggestions have to exist?
This isn't a drift "type" at all.. just a win condition change
What will be next? A new race """mode""" for circuit that gives the win to the player who made the best lap time on that particular race?
[Image: 05f9f19ae6704e9377f7abb13ee9e055.gif]


Offline EloRamzes

For me, this is good idea, you have +1 for it

Offline LeonSkript

we could keep the current one and add a new drift mode called "Drift Missile Runs" with the roads from Pro Street or Grid 1 where we add bonus to entry speed, angle and being close to some apex corners
[Image: puvIAqJ.jpg]

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