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Server update - 22/07/19

Napisany przez Orbacle, 22-07-2019, 19:32

Server update - 22/07/19

Offline Orbacle

Server update 22/07/2019

Server will be closed at 20:00 server time to apply the update

Airport fast travel

After several years of being a suggestion, airport fast travel has been added to the freerun mode.
To use it, go to one of plane icons marked on the map and select your desired destination:
  • Los Santos Airport
  • San Fierro Airport
  • Las Venturas Airport
  • Verdant Meadows Abandoned Airstrip
  • Mount Chiliad (one way)
  • Bayview Speedway
A single fast travel trip has a fixed price of 50$ and is unusable during magazine runs, police pursuits and duels.

[Image: unknown.png]

Bayview Speedway

With almost 2 years since the URL update, Bayview Speedway is now available for access in freerun mode via new airport fast travel feature!

[Image: bayv.png]

Map fixes
  • Some changes to Terminal Airport to reduce lags
  • Bugged fence on Seamen has been removed

Upcoming feature updates will include quality of life and race improvements.

See you on the server!

Away OneFanOfWorld

I love this update !

Offline alfa


Offline VertiriGamer

Easy boiii
[Image: Gr96.gif]

Offline yokou

nice i lick
[Image: QrcLpR1.png]

Offline takigosciu

Suggested by Helo -> Helo becomes Modeler -> Profit

A very minor feature, but possibly worth it Smile
[Image: 20181107_234030.gif]
~ powiedział niegdyś mądry człowiek

Offline RacerTR

Gud now i can spam 50 dollars for fast travel whenever i want

Offline EloRamzes

Wait, this is illegal

Offline Max59

Oh boye updat
[Image: lEiGlBB.png]
"And they touch! They touch Martin!"

Offline scaftz

Nice now we don't need helicopters to have a photoshoot on Bayview anymore.

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