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Unban request

Napisany przez Aroszparo, 16-08-2019, 14:49
Unban request

Offline Aroszparo

My nickname is Aroszparo, I also play with the mamosiku nickname lately
My driver's name: Bujaj Wora
Ban reason: abuse of game breaking bugs
Description: I have been setting records in the SUV class for a long time. I recently saw that the anodize who has all the records in A started to break my records in SUV.
So I decided to start fighting for his records in A. After breaking several of his records, suddenly some began to call me an exploiter.
[Image: qGcI2B2.png]

Then wrote Rarti:
[Image: ySuBjTE.png]

and as I said, I did - records from map Baller and East Los Santos were recorded

(I have video from East Los Santos too but need to render it (if you want i can do it))

I've been banned from opinions and suspicions that I can use boosters
however, after the situation of 15/04/2019 I play normally. (then I had a conversation with quindo about using tire smoke at the start of a race)
since then I have not done anything wrong, this can be confirmed by the recordings of the anodize from yesterday - you can see on them that I am driving normally (only at the end there is a fragment just from 15/04/2019 - was added intentionally to convince admins of my guilt

I hope that I will be presented with material evidence of my guilt and I was not banned just because anodize complained to his friends that someone is better than him

*update unfortunately I had to upload the anodize video myself, because he intentionally set the video on his channel as private - not nice play buddy

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Not for dog Wink))

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