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Summit event

Napisany przez WDS, 18-08-2019, 10:38
Summit event

Offline WDS

An idea that has occurred to me is events of the '' the crew '' style, I explain myself and once I am sorry for my bad English xd:

On the weekends in the race menu apart from the quick races, custom races and the time trial a new menu would open for the event, this event would bring 10 random races which would be time trial, drift, drag and speedtrap. Each race would have its objective for example, in that event one of the tracks would be desert rose (obviously they will be random, it is simply an example track), when entering the game it will say how much is the minimum of points that must be done to complete the event that would be 200k for example if you do not complete it you can repeat it every hour to try to complete it, if you win, apart from the money and the xp they would give you event points, the better you do the events you will receive more, once again use the example of Drift event: if you complete the event with 200k you will win 1000 points but if you do 300k you will win 1500 points, in each race the same thing would happen, you would not win the same points if in a time trial if you arrive in the time limit or if you arrive with 30 seconds before of the time limit.

Something that I forgot to say is that the events of drag, speedtrap and time trial would be with fixed classes (for example if in the event one of the races is the verano sprint and that you can only compete if a class B car is used) to So avoid spam from class A cars with ridiculous times.

At the end of the event the 50 with the best score (or the number chosen by developers) would win prizes of all kinds, money, rp, tp, bp, vp a guaranteed jackpot, rare vinyl, and so on.

 The event would be every weekend that is the time when there are more players. It is obviously just an idea of a guy who thinks that the picador is the best car in the universe, developers can do millions of things better with their imagination but in short that would be my idea to give more life to the game and always have to do something in the game after reaching 230k

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