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Offroad / WRC Class

Napisany przez Snake[PL], 18-08-2019, 12:55
Offroad / WRC Class

Offline Snake[PL]

Hey there.

Probably this idea was several times, but ...
But why not irritate people and the team Tongue

So yes ...
We have Offroad mode, however it is almost abandoned.
I have been thinking for some time whether it would be a good idea to do the WRC category.
It's more about the car conversions we have in the garage.
Offroad and WRC cars could race together.
It is known that there are routes that are adapted for high suspension. You could edit or create exceptions where these two categories could participate together.
I can already see these Manana Rally with additional headlights and mudflaps Tongue

Yes I know...
It is rather an idea that will never be added, but what do you think about it ??
Maybe someday the crew will decide to refresh the offroad mode.

What do you think about that??
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choose side and cl!ck

Offline susis

Actually i see it possible since rally body parts exist and wheels and the rest rslly related stuff

Offline scaftz

I'll just quote someone else's post because this is like 100% what i wanted to say anyway.

(22-04-2017, 12:24)whiteseed Wrote: Sure, change the name of server to 'Random Racing Games Mix: San Andreas'

In my opinion server should stay with NFS content.

Adding diffrent content doesn't work well and it's waste of time actually.

Some examples:

Offroad- very few players plays it; offroad cars are braking game balance because of different type of handling which make them overpowered;
Kalahari island doesn't fit because is too differnt from San Andreas environment.

Vintage- rare on racing; players buy it for visual mostly.

Freak cars[Buggy, A-Type, Kalahari]- Those are cars I wouldn't like to see at races, they just doesn't fit; not many palyers actually drives them;
  typical example of waste of time and slots.


Offline Snake[PL]

They add suv and offroad so it's now even " random racing... "
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choose side and cl!ck

Offline scaftz

Exactly. But what's done is done, for now it is better to prevent the server theme to stray away even further.

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