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[Vehicles] that are not in the game.

Napisany przez HorizonLive, 01-09-2019, 14:18
[Vehicles] that are not in the game.

Offline HorizonLive

Angel [Vehicles] Angel

So... for a really long time i was wondering why arent these cars in the game yet?

- Don't fit the game?
- Too much waste of time?
- Too much hard work?
- Will we EVER see them in the game?

  GTA Vice city  - Banshee and Infernus.
 GTA III  - Infernus , Cheetah and Stinger.
GTA San andreas - Alpha.

BTW guys , how do u add more photos easily?

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Offline scaftz


Also, you can upload your pictures to imgur or any image hosting site and use insert image instead.

Offline MatthewChow

I say I am gonna take 3 months to add Moonbeam to the game, but I am probably gonna take longer.
Can you imagine that for all cars?
You don't just add a car, you have to edit the car to make it compatible with all part types and then make as many parts for it as there is in all existing cars. That's a lot of parts to model...
Then, there's coding work, engine sounds, handling balancing, all the testing needed... It's quite a project.
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It's not over yet!

Offline Nabatse

The banshee from GTA VC is actually in the game, you can see a lot of them in pursuit on heat level 5 or 6. I wish it would be obtainable, it looks so good. Its body is so unique compared to all other cars. Unfortunately it's unuseable.
The infernus from GTA 3 and VC are so similar to the current counthach on the server, they are unnecessary i think. The same goes for all other gta 3 cars:
The cheetah is barely different from its SA counterpart (that's not a surprise)
The Stinger would be cool, but in my opinion it's just same as banshee from SA.


Offline Rafaea512

if we got stinger we could have some carrera gt bodykits yay
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