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Server Update - 09/09/2019

Napisany przez Quindo, 09-09-2019, 19:18

Server Update - 09/09/2019

Offline Quindo

Server update 09/09/2019

Server will be closed at 20:00 server time to apply the update


Base rewards changes:
4 players race:
  •  1st place +6%
  •  2nd place +14%
  •  3rd place +31%
  •  4th place +82%
3 players race:
  •  1st place +8%
  •  2nd place +21%
  •  3rd place +61%
2 players race:
  •  1st place +11%
  •  2nd place +41%
Therefore, for better results play races with 4 players.

Various other changes:
  • Small buff for high lap count races.
  • Quick race buff +4.5%
  • Custom race buff +3%
  • Quick races give 33% higher rewards than custom races with same race settings.
  • Certain tracks got buffed due to their difficulty and technical skills required.
On top of that, race type buffs:
  •  Circuits +5%
  •  Sprints +30%
  •  Drags +25%
  •  Street-x +5%
  •  Drift +10%
  •  Speedtraps +35%
  •  Offroad Circuits +13%
  •  Offroad Sprints +46%
Bodypoint drop changes:
  •  Buffed base multiplier + extra chance depending on total race distance (track distance x laps), race type and track difficulty. Still much higher chance if you are first.
  •  Beginner bonus multiplies bodypoint drop chance 1.5x
More bodypoints and vinylpoints for weekly top times.


New experimental lamp breaker has been added to server, it's only available to users using latest nightly version of MTA, so if you want to test it out, make sure you're using it. It can be configured here, just change the build type to Nightly and check for updates

[Image: MoRLUvO.png]

The new lamp breaker completely replaces old system, it also is available to be used in freeroam, to enable/disable it there, go to F11 settings > gameplay.

Since it's an experimental system, please notify us of any bugs that you find! (we already know that some objects just go `poof` on touch, without break animation)

Hope you enjoy the changes, and let's hope we can get more updates out soon!
[Image: Sj14yZE.gif]

Offline broski0909

Haaha yees

Offline Slugler

cool but still i'll be away from the server x)
[Image: DRxVnk.gif]

Offline alfa

wanna sex

Away Mushor


Offline RazvanO_0

time to exploit this lampbreaker hehe

Offline Bunny

lampbreaker kurwa
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline MiguelFreitas

Already joining :v

Offline Aroszparo

o kurwa lampbreaker

Offline RaiUwU

Begone rng thot, the new lampbreaker is here

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