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Crew Wars Event

Napisany przez LeonSkript, 18-09-2019, 21:50

Crew Wars Event

Offline LeonSkript

[Image: v2_orbyx1_bgcorrectedcyan.png]
Hey, I am here to invite you to the NFS:SA Crew Wars Event.

Please read all the rules below carefully.
All rules and times are subject to change before the event starts.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask by directly messaging me.
Every team has to register for the event by replying to this thread once, following the format given in this thread.
Please register only if you are sure that you can come.

Registration format:
  • Name of Crew;
  • Picture of Team Paintjob on the 5 cars*¹ *²;
  • In-game/account name of the team's A class Driver;
  • In-game/account name of the team's B class Driver;
  • In-game/account name of the team's C class Driver;
  • In-game/account name of the team's D class Driver;
  • In-game/account name of the team's E class Driver;
  • In-game/account name of the team's Reserve Driver and the classes he might substitute*³. (Optional)
*¹ - The cars used will all be in the Requirements/Limitations Tab;
*² - If all cars have exactly (or nearly) the same paintjob, you only need 1 picture
*³ - The reserve driver will only be rewarded if it ends up participating in someone's place, and your crew STILL needs at least 4 different players participating.

Registration deadline: CLOSED
Friday, September 27th 23:59 (Poland Time). If we have at least 3 registered crews, the event will happen, otherwise, it will be cancelled.

  1. Keep it civil, do not insult other driver/crews;
  2. If you are not part of the participants, please don't try to join the races or troll the drivers;
  3. Follow the Requirements/Limitations.
Failure to follow these will result in a disqualification of the racer and/or crew for the race and/or championship.

How the event works:
  • All races will take place in Circuits and Sprints, the tracks will not be announced beforehand, so practice in the 4 zones (Los Santos, Las Venturas, San Fierro and Countryside);
  • The drivers will receive instructions on how to join the password-protected race (PW will be sent via pm);
  • Each round will consist in 5 1v1 races, making it a best of 3. Winning a round will either earn you a point, or move your crew to the next round*.
* - This will depend on how many crews will participate, we will either use brackets or a points system.

Objective of each crew: Win 3 out of 5 races each round.

Winning crew: 7-Days premium code for each participating member.

  • Saturday, September 28th 00:00, the participating crews will be announced along with the brackets/rounds via https://challonge.com/NFSSACrewWars;
  • Saturday and Sunday, September 28th and 29th*¹, starting at 7PM/19:00 (Poland Time)*², the first race will hopefully start.
*¹ - Might end up happening just on Saturday, depends on how many crews will register;
*² - There might be delays of 5 to 15 minutes.

Disclaimer: The rounds are probably going take 20 to 30 minutes, so the event might last 1 to 3 hours, so evaluate whether you will be able to stay online for this long.

  • Crew Livery for each car;
  • At least 4 crew members participating*;
  • All crew members MUST be in the same crew (unless your crew has a secondary crew, like Culture/Culties)
  • A Class Car: 450 Score Infernus;
  • B Class Car: 400 Score Super GT;
  • C Class Car: 350 Score Uranus;
  • D Class Car: 300 Score Fortune;
  • E Class Car: 250 Score Manana.
* - Alt accounts/drivers do not count, even if both are in the same crew.

  1. The spectator mode of the races will be available for everyone to watch!
  2. You CAN participate in more than 1 class, BUT will only receive 1 code if your crew ends up winning.
  3. You don't need to buy and setup the 5 cars, only the ones your crew assigned you to;
  4. If you have any questions, just ask them with replies/quotes.
Good luck and have fun!

Disclaimer: Organizational staff is not to be blamed if participants waste money and time for this event.
P.S.: Special thanks to devs for sponsoring the event.
[Image: puvIAqJ.jpg]

Offline alfa

sever died rip bro ahhae

Online Berkayy.

ez premium

Offline scaftz

This car specific limitation is quite a big hold back for people to join imo, just saying. Anyway good luck to anyone competing.

Offline FiDeLuS

Crew Name: Rэact
450 Infernus: Fidelus 

[Image: mta-screen_2019-09-21_11-10-54.png?width=841&height=473]
400 SGT:

[Image: mta-screen_2019-09-21_12-55-41.png?width=841&height=474]
350 Uranus:

[Image: Captura_de_Tela_140.png?width=757&height=474]
300 Fortune:

[Image: mta-screen_2019-09-22_21-45-06.png?width=841&height=473]
250 Manana:

[Image: mta-screen_2019-09-18_17-44-22.png?width=841&height=473]

300 Fortune: sfp 
[Image: gta_sa_2019-09-27_20-45-29-410.png?width=631&height=474]

250 Manana: sfp
[Image: gta_sa_2019-09-27_21-06-05-569.png?width=631&height=474]

450 Infernus: Gizmo

Offline Ice

(18-09-2019, 21:59)alfa Wrote: sever died rip bro ahhae

Either that's some kind of trolling I don't understand or some of ya folks don't check server online often

[Image: 2ItZAfh.jpg]

Anyway, seems like our crew will have to skip the party, cause I couldn't really find the crew leader and I feel like she's currently inactive. I hope I'm wrong, though...
[Image: tumblr_md5r2jw4dn1rkewzlo1_500.gif]

Offline LeonSkript

I mean you could participate without the crew leader since they are innactive, up to you
[Image: puvIAqJ.jpg]

Offline P4tryk

Crew Name: YK Family

450 Infernus: TinkiWinki
[Image: mta-screen_2019-09-26_21-59-14.png?width=400&height=225]
400 Super GT: |CrF|xens
[Image: mta-screen_2019-09-26_21-57-14.png?width=400&height=225]
350 Uranus: |CrF|xens
[Image: mta-screen_2019-09-26_21-56-35.png?width=400&height=225]
300 Fortune: Kuchsee
[Image: mta-screen_2019-09-26_21-48-11.png?width=400&height=225]
250 Manana: Aroszparo
[Image: mta-screen_2019-09-26_21-49-08.png?width=400&height=225]

Offline FacFerC

Crew name: Rivalry
Crew paintjob
Gente, aca nos vamos a organizar sobre el torneo

Class A

Clasd B

Class C

Clasd D

Class E

Offline LeonSkript

That's 3 crews, the event is happening. Registrations close on next DH reset
[Image: puvIAqJ.jpg]

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