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Sayonara!!! It's time to keep going!

Napisany przez fabibastien, 26-09-2019, 05:46
Sayonara!!! It's time to keep going!

Offline fabibastien

Hi. Maybe the vast mayority of you didn't even remember me.

I was known in the server as Devil, or related "otaku", or japanese nicknames. 

It has been a long time, approximately 3 years since I joined this server/project, which was unique in its MTA ecosystem. 

It's time to say goodbye and make a step forward to the future of my own life project.

I would like to mention some people that helped me during that time:

ImYoNightmare: Probably you are not reading, because, maybe as same as me, you left. Thanks for let me join IDFC IDFK crew and be such a helpful guy.

Rukito (i'm going to write this in spanish actually to make it personal): Ha sido un placer haber estado estos 3 años contigo, pese a que nuestra relacion se fue distanciando a medida que te hiciste cargo del servidor en cierta parte como moderador. Sigue orientando a los nuevos y levanta a esa comunidad hispana, que es desequilibrada pero a su vez amigable en ocasiones.

ScaftZ: Yo, im still can't write perfectly your name XD. Same as Nightmare, you were helpful back then, when we were crew mates. Take care man! Big Grin

FacFerC (same case as Rukito): Gracias por todo, fuiste y eres un soporte de la comunidad española. Agradezco lo poco y nada que llevamos de amistad (si es que se puede considerar de esa forma). Cuida el server, y sigue siendo tu mismo, que es tu escencia distintiva de los demás Smile

SONCA: One of the last friend i make here through my travel in the server, take care man. And protect SoA for me and for a better community.

There are much people that i am thankful for. But if i mencionate it one by one it will be such a hooooly bible.

Thanks for all, developers, moderators, good luck have fun.

Goodbye and  big hug to everyone, THANK YOU! <3

Offline scaftz

You wrote it right this time. It's been a while since the last time i see you online, sucks to see it is a parting. Anyway, wish you the best with your life, whether it is study, work or anything. Feel free to come back if you feel like it.
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Away qrur

yo pro osu gamer, wish you well. goodbye.

Offline FacFerC

(I will write in spanish too) Bueno, es una lastima que te vayas del server, aunque debo decir que yo tambien lo tengo algo abandonado, la comunidad hispana ya no es lo de antes

Y te agradezo por dedicarme un sitio en tu post, la he pasado bien con vos en los momentos en los que estuvimos en el server, y como bien decis seguire cuidando el server en los momentos que me conecte jaja, por cierto yo creo que si podria considerarse amistad, aunque no hablemos tan seguido, saludos y suerte en tu vida

Offline Anto200

You were one of my teachers when I started here. Had lot and lot of fun with you and the guys. I have good memories in those crew we were.

Won't speak Spanish.


Offline Rukito

(Spanish) Fue un gusto haberlo conocido don otaco. Más de 3 años de una gran aventura en este servidor con toda clase de momentos inolvidables, espero que siempre queden en su memoria y espero que siempre recuerdes que tienes aquí a una familia que te echará de menos y te ayudará en cualquier momento que lo necesites; pues así como se mencionó en el NFSSA Rewind 2018, somos una familia y esperamos que te hayas sentido cómodo con nosotros en estos 3 largos años. Espero que le vaya bien en el futuro y muchas bendiciones.

Atte.: El lolicón.

Offline Bunny

Bro I fucking hate that you are leaving, 1 less good guy in this community. It was a great pleasure knowing you, being friends and teammates. Good luck with your studies, family and twitch career. Espero verte mas. Cuidate hermano <3
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Offline Maumedis

lol fuck off i dont want you anywhere near this server again! love you

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