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Your 3 favorite cars

Napisany przez Nabatse, 30-09-2019, 00:36

Your 3 favorite cars

Offline MrPatato

From 3rd to 1st; Jester, Infernus, Uranus.

3rd - Jester
First car ive found myself having fun in this server and ive loved it the day i bought it when i was a low rp noob and i still loved it. Ive had this car up on the Drift Sessions 2020 banner along with few friends so its got a special spot for me now. 

[Image: Jester.png]

2nd - Infernus
Always loved the NA1 NSX and once the new parts dropped i instantly updated it to the livery as it has and probably one of my fav cars to drive.

[Image: Infernus.png]

1st - Uranus
The car that started it all for me, my first drift car, my first car to compete in a event, and few others i might forget.
We've gotten to 3rd on Crew Wars and I had 3rd on Grip Sessions 2020 with this little beast, quite a fun car regardless of what people say about the uranus. This car has seen multiple forms from the funky Crew Wars livery and style to the Gen 1 Eclipse race car i used for Grip Sessions to being a R33 which is what its ment to be currently. (i dont have pictures of the diff versions but you might be able to find the Crew Wars one in the forum post)
 [Image: UranusR33.png]
[Image: image0.gif]Honk

Offline TypowyHeckie_SinisterFactory

So, TOP 3, huh? Well, i like many cars here, some of my friend woulda thoguth it's Manana or Turismo, but let me show you what exactly i like from my chop shop Smile

3. Uranus - AKA -TwerkStallion-, transformed into 1989 Mazda RX7 FC, is my favourite Drifter for any ocasion with Rotor 2 engine sound swap included Smile

2. Beamer - It couldn't be NFS without one of it's icons. 4.0l V8, Racing gearbox, roll cage - This is a perfect choice for an Urban Legend straight from Rockport

1. Picador - AKA The Enforcer, Made with previous thought about famous race tracks. Racing Big-Block V8, 5-speed transmission and Reinforced Chassis - This is an Ultimate Aggression Muscle Car!

I also like Buggy and Monroe a lot but it's TOP 3 not TOP 5, yeah? :3
[Image: ?imw=512&imh=288&ima=fit&impolicy=Letter...erbox=true]
"URBAN LEGENDS will never die, if people still talk about them." ~Heckie

Offline darealarusham

i just unlocked b class today,and i bought the jester as soon as i got to the carlot.loving the car so far,tried to upload its picture,but it said "something went wrong",

ill make a full list of fav cars when i unlock all classes

Offline San40ys

[Image: pkB-6RVepYU.jpg]
[Image: WPiRDMwmfl0.jpg]
[Image: K6XadSvwuA4.jpg]
feel i'm breakin' out of control

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