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Your 3 favorite cars

Napisany przez Nabatse, 30-09-2019, 00:36

Your 3 favorite cars

Online Nabatse

Hi everyone!

I have played a lot on this server, and seen many, many different cars and I got wondered, which cars are your favorite that you are using a lot.
The things i'm interested in:
-Your top 3 favorite cars of all cars that are on the server (obviously), they can be from any class, and you can choose multiple cars from the same class. They DON'T have to be your "best" (the ones that have the highest win rate or highest bounty count or anything like that) cars, but your favorite ones, that you love to use no matter if they are bad in anything. If you have less than 3 favorite cars it's fine, just write those 2/that 1.
-Why they are your favorites, maybe a little story why these cars are so special for you.
-What advantages and disadvantages those cars have for you (not necessary)
-What do you using these cars for
-And a little picture from those cars specifically from your garage, i'm interested in the stats (what you've accomplished with these cars so far) and how cool your paintjobs are on your favorite cars. If you want to keep your cars' stats in secret, i understand, then you can skip this part. I'm just curious.

Let me start it. They will be in order of my opinion (obviously 1st place is my most favorite, 3rd is the 3rd favorite of all bunch of cars)

3rd place: Sultan


*Note:The one that you see in the picture is not my first one, it's my 3rd Sultan. I had to sell them to try new cars because of garage limit. Sad*
Everytime i played gta sa, there were 3 cars which had always been in my garage during the playtrougths, the ZR-350, the Sultan, and the Turismo
Also when played samp, i had a sultan on every server in some way. I have a feeling to this car like "I have to have it in my collection no matter what". So my first task was in the begining of the game: "Get B class!". I grinded it, and i didn't regret it. This car is one of the best B class cars, it's an AWD monster. I like all features it has, the acceleration, the turning, the fact it's a freaking beast in police pursuit. The only bad thing it has for me is its appearence, it's like an effing box with wings on it. But still, a really good car, I use it for races, URLs and  for police pursuit.

2nd place: Turismo


You probably guessed it that the Turismo will be on my list. This one isn't my first Turismo either, it falls the same category as the Sultan before.
I love ferraris, and the turismo is the closest one that you can have in san andreas. Honestly i'm not a fan of A class cars on the server because they are so fast to handle, and in my opinion, they are boring for races, if there isn't any other A class cars in the races you are likely to win the race.
I like it beacuse its shape is unique compared to other cars on the server. Because of this there could be so many pretty designes. Almost any paintjob will look on this car so good, i saw a lot of creative turismos on the server too. The major problem with it is obviously a useless car for races. I mean not literally useless, it's usless in a transferred sense: why would you use this car for races if you can have infernus or cheetah? That's why i only use it for police pursuits.

1st place: Deluxo


My Main car, my dearest car of all. The Superior! The Splendid! The Stunning! The Elegant! The Super! The Ultra Super! Umm.. i mean...
So yes enough of the jokes. The deluxo, the car that most people consider the best C class car. But that isn't the reason i like it the best. The main reason is based on it's design. I love the Back to the Future trilogy, and when i saw i can have a BTTF Delorean like car, i got excited instantly.  Man.. this car has a life story.
When i first saw the deluxo, I knew that it will be my main car, no matter what, but i was at day 18 of the diamond hunt so i had to wait a long, long, long time to have it. Finally, i got day 50 and with that, i instantly bought it. And almost regret it instantly in the first corner. But i didn't give up, i trained really hard, i maxed it out, and it still was shit. Most people would gave up at this point and sold it or dropped it to the trash, but not me. I've decided it will be my main car, so i had to learn how to make dyno (at this point i was completely newbie to dyno).  After much, much, much struggles and tests, i've created the dyno that i could use the deluxo competitively from that point. I have this car since i bought it on day 50 (to be more comparable, i'm at day 408 now). I love this car since then. I use it to race competitively, for pursuits and for cruising in freerun
It doesn't have the bricky cornering like the sentinel, and doesn't slide as much as the uranus. But has the worst suspension of the bunch.
And yes you see it well, i waited to have 1000 races with it, and i drove exactly 20k km with it (this one is a bit funny, cause when i finished the 1000th race it had 19991,2 km so why not to have exactly 20k). 

I would've some honorable mensions but this thread is already so long so i omited them.
I'm looking forward to your cars  (っ^◡^)っ
[Image: 05f9f19ae6704e9377f7abb13ee9e055.gif]


Offline 412

Sgt , infernus , uranus

Offline Nicos21

To be honest i don't have a favorite car. Sometimes i try a new car and if it becomes my favorite then it will become boring to me. But there is some that have given me more positive emotions than other.

A-Type.    Unusual answer, huh? It has really insane acceleration comparable with average B cars. And it was really enjoyable to win C or even A cars with that bucket. Even if i lose because of sidewalks or collision bugs, feeling that it was possible to win the race doesn't make me feel upset. Besides this car is the smallest of all game that makes area 51 raid extremely easy, for example.

Club.    This car isn't very special but i've won a lot of races using it. In my hands this car can compete with an average B class racer and it makes the real challenge and a lot of happiness after win.

Elegy.    Almost the same as A-Type. Powerful car with poor handling nobody takes serious about. Also this car is my favorite drift car and one of the best looking. Besides I've made a lot of stunts using it. This car is just pleasant for me.

I don't use those cars a lot right now because they became boring :(
Now you can see me driving Primo, Stallion or Bullet (that became interesting again to me) but someday I'll change them as changed others before.

Offline yokou

3 most recently painted cars, literally
[Image: QrcLpR1.png]

Offline scaftz

Mine's in order from 3rd to 1st is Jester, Kuruma and Uranus.

3rd - Jester
Love this car so much. i mean, put your ego and anti-JDM fanboy attitude away and can we just agree that an MK4 supra is beautiful? so is this car (despite it having bigass hood). I like it even further with Matthew's Saikou XS bodykit. It is not so competitive in races because it lacks acceleration and it has a rather uncomfortable suspensions. This car is even barely playable until better lamp breaker update rolls out because it is probably has the crappiest lamp breaker at that time. I am using it for drift races and drift events. I used this car on my last 2 drift events. On 1st event i am losing on semi-final but i did better placed 2nd on my 2nd drift event. And hopefully will continue to use it for any future drift competitions.

[Image: car_112485_348299.jpeg?time=1569887001]

2nd - Kuruma
My favorite ever since its release back then in 2017 (?) replacing Buggy as unique D class car. I have been stuck with 5 cars slot limit garage and had to sell and buy cars often, but this car manage to stay long enough to be placed 3rd on my garage roster. Has a very good handling for its class, would be an OP car if it's not Club tearing down the toptime leaderboards everytime. Notice it has almost same paintjob as my Jester's because I have no creativity Though i have this car with this paintjob earlier than my Jester's

[Image: car_112485_297546.jpeg?time=1569886982]

1st - Uranus
My all time favorite from vanilla GTA SA. Even though it has nothing special really, it just have its license plate stay intact when you change your rear bumper on vanilla but that's it lol. I didn't know what's a Subaru SVX even until i find out what's Uranus based off so that's not the reason why i like the car. I just, like the car, so much, can't describe. It has greatest acceleration on C class and used to be great drifting machine until i found out that being a drift point grinder sucks. I don't drive this car as often anymore, only using it for casual races for the time being but it's still my favorite. It is the 1st on my garage list that means it is the car that stayed the longest on my garage. Weeb paintjob because yes. But i also have a healthier one.

[Image: car_112485_505752.jpeg?time=1569887022][Image: car_112485_234761.jpeg?time=1569887037]

Offline yauza

infernus, cheetah, elegy

Offline Rafaea512

Flash, infernus, sultan
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=3416645]

Offline Tekk

Infernus. Simply because I'm a fan of NA1 NSX. It looks good and it's fast.

Club. I like the kit Quindo made for it. Best of the server (on pair with Flash) when it comes to controls.

Super GT. I once suggested a kit for that car, and since it was released, been driving it full time. Good-looking one. Quite tricky to dyno. Lots of people gave up on it simply because of that.

^That, if visual customization is allowed. If we're talking fully stock, then it's probably Infernus, Jester and Comet.

Offline EloRamzes

Sultan, Sultan, Sultan

Away bamers

well, for me, at least
i don't really enjoy A and B class cars so (because i'm suck at driving them tbh)
here are my top 3 most favorite cars from nfssa:
3. Washington
2. Manana
1. Blista
[Image: loadcat.gif]

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