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Cant join the server (download error)

Napisany przez MTX, 04-10-2019, 20:58
Cant join the server (download error)

Offline MTX

So I have a fresh install of GTASA nad MTASA, and now whenever I try to join NFSSA, it kicks me in the middle of downloading with "VF #33 cFosSpeed NetLimit". What the hell is that?

EDIT: Classic server works. Also the normal server now allowed me to download a few mor MB before kicking me again. Soon Ill have the whole thing downloaded and it will hopefully work. In any case, any suggestions?

Offline MTX

The bug is fixed now. It was a motherboard utility (for faster lan) that got me into trouble on the normal server. The proces is called cfospeed.exe, but if you have the error, better close the program normally in your tray area.

Offline sebastianpro15

Hola tengo este problema al entrar a varios servidores agradecería tu ayuda

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