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Police Pathing Issues

Napisany przez BlankVoid, 27-10-2019, 19:46
Police Pathing Issues

Offline BlankVoid

I was just driving around in a police chase and decided to jump off the broken San Fierro bridge near the SF Police Station. I landed near the entrance of the garage and discovered something quite odd. All of the police cars tried to catch me through the entrance of the building. The only thing prolonging the chase is that there is a police car stuck underneath some stairs with me just in its range. This should be fixed to stop people from farming spots like this for quick and easy RP and $. [Image: unknown.png]

Offline Bunny

Well to address your concern, this spot shouldn't be accessible at all and by farming time in pursuit you do not gain a sizable amount of RP or money.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

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