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SUP MODDER "922" Is Modder good?

Napisany przez STRANNIK, 18-11-2019, 19:17
SUP MODDER "922" Is Modder good?


I apologize in advance for my poor English.

That's it.

When riding in free mode, I pressed the F6 button, for another track.

1. There is a binding on this key to select players in the community. Direct sending in diskord there on the other server. (This is seen on the screen)
2. It was an accident. And yet in the rules of the server there is no mention that prohibited " PR " disagreements.
So same am asking discern, this was said in "say" and not in global.
Me not gave warnings and nothing to acquire such a, immediately gave mute on 30 days, and after as I wrote in report me cut until 7 days.
The Modder then left the server without replying to me or a single "question" message»
I believe, that this was wrong done with hand moderator, Yes I committed mistake, but to lend on 7 days mute?



Away Mushor

yes he is modder good



Offline Jamesrobinson

From what i see,you are trying to promote something,which could be prohibited (mostly promoting another server,something else that would cause some arguments,etc).Especially when you spam it,if you see the rule you know that advertising something that against the rule isn't allowed (especially porn site,for fuck sake)
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Offline MrPatato

As the rule ''c) Do not advertise anything. If you want to advertise something related to the server, use the forum or the discord server.'' stated any links non-related to NFSSA dont belong ingame and its normal for "922" or Bunny to leave without saying stuff since hes a busy man.
[Image: image0.gif]Honk

Offline Bunny

I saw the advertisement 2 days in a row. First day I warned not to display it anymore, and then the second day punished for it with 30 days mute, after reporting to me that it's a bind I lowered the length to 7 days as you might have clicked it accidentally, even though you should not have that in the first place as I already warned you about it the day before. And as my friends already showed you, there is a rule against advertisements. Also I did provide the reason for both the initial mute and the changed length one, so I cannot say that I have done anything wrong towards you.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline LeonSkript

Bunny bad modder, ban
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Offline Max59

he modder good yes
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