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Kicked from Netlimiter

Napisany przez [SS]KawaiiDesu, 15-01-2020, 20:49
Kicked from Netlimiter

Offline [SS]KawaiiDesu


Well this thing began happening from nowhere, one day i was playing fine, the other day i just get kicked everytime I enter the server with this reason: 

[Image: 20200115194011-1.jpg]

" VF #33 Netlimit (killer Networking / Control Center) "

Well, i had Netlimiter like a few months ago for GTA 5, ( wich i uninstalled a while ago too ). But it never got me kicked out of MTA before, it's been happenning for a few days now, on several servers, y'all got an idea ? some kind of fix idk ? I don't have any sooftware rn wich could in some way restrict my internet connection. Thanks for the help

Offline Orbacle

You probably still have some netlimiter process running, look in task manager processes and stop it but better uninstall (if you find it)
Could be smth like cfosspeed but iirc mta writes it if it is the one

Offline [SS]KawaiiDesu

Thing is, i looked over and over in my task manager, but nothing seems to be related to Nlimiter or any other connection limiter
I'll try installing netlimiter and uninstal it again, maybe I uninstalled it in a wrong way

But i could play like 3 days ago, and i didn't install anything related to that, wich makes this weird

Edit: I fixed it, I just reinstalled Killer Network Manager ( comes from factory since my PC is an MSI Aegis 3 ), uninstalled it, and it fixed the issue.

Offline broski0909

Why would need NetLimiter for GTA V at first place? xd

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