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Free muted / banned , from Bunny

Napisany przez 412, 20-01-2020, 22:24
Free muted / banned , from Bunny

Offline 412

Karoče, I was playing server and talking to other players, I was in doherty by the time Bunny joined and started to fuck my mind again. Im feeling   that I can't even be  in doherty when he's online Big Grin because he doesn't let me (he constantly mutes me  for nothing )  but this time I didn't get lazy and wrote this topic Big Grin. He muted  me from nowhere with a reason (birthday present). When I asked why he muted me he said "I warned you" although there were no warnings, he couldn't even name the reason he muted  me. Later he started ramming me, he said his fingers slipped Big Grin (he did it several times) wrote that it should be a shame, i said someshit to him . And later he banned  me (for 1 day)


Bae Jim
[Image: 9lmCso7]

Offline Bunny

Keep lying and pretend to be innocent and you're gonna go back to being permabanned as you were, before I unbanned you. Closing this nonsense.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

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