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Challenge Series Edition Cars

Napisany przez RacerTR, 06-02-2020, 15:48
Challenge Series Edition Cars

Offline RacerTR

Hello everyone today i will talk about a suggestion that i was thinking a very long time . We know legends Edition cars from NFS Heat everyone tried to get them This is similar to that system but different . I think that this will solve doherty problems for some time . Now lets talk about ideas
  • You can get Challenge Series Edition cars by doing 75 race for each car . (Numbers can be Adjustable)
  • Each car drops randomly
  • Cars in completed challenges can drop
  • Cars will have the dynos that are used in challenge series
  • You cant enter BodyShop , VinylShop , PerformanceShop and AccessoriesShop while driving Challenge series edition cars
  • You cant take toptimes while racing in your challenge series edition car
  • You can get less rp and money if you completed race with challenge series edition cars
  • Challenge series edition cars will have seperate category in car lot
  • If the you havent unlock spesific class then You cant get challenge series car from that class . Example if you didnt unlock C class u cant get Sentinel Challenge series edition
  • If you didnt find or get task achievable cars then you cant get challenge series version of that car . Example if you didnt unlock futo then you cant get futo challenge series edition futo

 Im sure that this will increase numbers of racing people for a while and will be fun too im put bb Huh
Look at how this looks suprisingly weird and good[Image: 2000_TVR_CerberaSpeed1211.jpg]

Offline MrPatato

the dynos most of the CS cars have are kept away by the people that did them , for example the sentinel one also the cars arent really anything special or have anything special on them that you cant obtain plus most arent maxed score wise so you'll just be spending time trying to get something with a lower overall score that you can easily replicate within the same amount of time you'd waste getting it
[Image: image0.gif]Honk

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